Achy Back? Try a Back Stretcher to Get Some Relief Now

Ah, the back can be either of great use to you or just another painful body part. The spinal-driven mechanism may barely work in your favor anymore. You may wish to have a do-over when it comes to the care or lack of care you've shown to your back, and you're not alone. We all experience back pain from time to time, but nearly 65 million Americans suffer from chronic back pain. Furthermore, Georgetown's Health Policy Institute estimates that about 16 million American adults are living with persistent, unmanageable back pain and back pain is the 6th leading disability in North America, health-wise that is not a mental disability. Well, not to worry, we have just the thing to get your back, back!

Get Your Back, Back With a Back Stretcher

The back stretcher can do amazing things for your pain and your mobility along with some good advice from your chiropractor or physical therapist. We have the scoop on your whole back separated into localized regions so you can show some love to your back, especially where it hurts. We have some great at-home remedies to soothe your achy back here and a guide to the best back stretcher for you and a detailed how-to correctly use your back stretcher! So, get comfy, get your wireless heating pad, and let's get to the bottom of why our backs hurt so badly, and how we can take matters into our own hands. person lying on back stretcher

General Causes of Back Pain in Most People

First and foremost, back pain can often develop without any identifiable cause that can leave even your line of doctors scratching their heads. However, the most common sources of back pain that plague many people include poor posture, spondylolisthesis, spondylitis, spinal stenosis, degenerative, bulging or herniated discs, spinal arthritis, ligament and muscle sprains, strains and tears, and osteoporosis. 

Root Causes of Back Pain

More than just the generic description of causes of back pain, the root causes that begin the agonizing affliction are many. A few of the most common root causes found in back pain sufferers include but are not limited to; age, natural disease progression like arthritis and cancer, mental health conditions especially those conditions that surround anxiety, strenuous lifting, higher BMI, lack of stretching and exercising, and smoking. Smoking cigarettes can limit the blood flow to your spine leaving more risk of osteoporosis. But the main gist of listing these root causes or risk factors urges you to create room for simple changes to your daily life. By this, you can not only mitigate the risks but you can impede your back pain completely! As you take these steps to undo the damage done to your back, you can get some immediate relief from a back stretcher or by inversion therapy, along with some targeted core exercises and gentle stretching. Let us be your backbone through your process of healing your achy back. person with back pain

Risk Factors You Can Mitigate on Your Own

Now, some of the risk factors that can be lessened without a doctor or any other certified medical staff may be obvious enough to some, but let's dig our heels in and problem solve together.

With the presence of a spine or disc disease, especially a degenerative disc disease, you may feel hopeless, but there are many benefits to finding an excellent physical therapist to prescribe targeted exercises and encourage more mindful living.

As for the overweight back pain sufferer, the solution will be of course to lose the extra weight, but it's easier said than done for most of us. As you work on your physical self it may be a fantastic idea to start with a back stretcher and some beginner, low-impact yoga to gently decompress and stretch that achy back.

For the sake of the haphazard lifter, please familiarize yourself with the proper ways to lift heavy as well as lighter objects, and how to fit proper stretching into your morning routine to directly resolve your back pain problems.

For an anxiety-ridden human, you deserve to rest that restless and worrisome mind! The best way to escape the pain of your never-ending thoughts and the pain in your back is to fully engage in something like art, knitting, cleaning, and some seriously rewarding yoga. The key is to get your mind fully enveloped in something that won't permit those intrusive thoughts by the intensity of your chosen activity. You'll enjoy the mental escape as you allow yourself to get wrapped up completely and the best thing for your back pain would be to try some hard-hitting yoga or Pilates. However, if you want to engage your mind with art instead, you can always get an incredible back stretcher device that you can use for immediate relief of your achy back.

Finally, for the smoker that's feeling all the feels in their lower back, try cutting down on or picking up some nicotine replacement patches at your local drug store. Check out some of your local programs that offer free aid for smoking cessation.

Let's Get That Back Better!

It's no longer a secret to you that there are some really effective forms of rehab for your back and spine. It can prove to be a bit overwhelming right off the bat when you look at all the endless options to start your new journey. Sometimes it's a process of elimination with videos for at-home yoga or Pilates, so start with the one that looks interesting and do it! Start your search with an ab or core targeted workout, and when in doubt you can always get help with a free app like 'FitOn!' for yoga exercises with the option for choosing the intensity making the searching very minimal and you get instructors like Cassie Ho! If you're not ready for yoga some easy-going stretches will serve you well in healing your back pain.

Transverse Abdominal Contractions

The TRCs are done lying on your back in a supine position with your knees bent. Pull your belly button into your spine thus contracting your transverse abdominal muscles. The key is to breathe with intention, inhaling through your nose with your mouth closed when you rest, exhaling as you pull in to contract your core muscles. Hold for a few seconds before you let go, and repeat.

Bird Dogs

The bird dogs stretch got its fame from the yoga instructors who swear by them! These stretches are very effective for elongating your spine and tightening your core muscles. Do them while practicing good breathing and good form to reap the goodies from this back saver. Just Remember not to fold your hips inward you want a strong stance throughout by keeping your core engaged. Please remember to keep your head positioned to the mat below or to the extended arm to avoid any discomfort in the neck.

A Pick Me Up Exercise for Any Time

You may not know but a booty band and 2 squats can save your lower back at any time. When you're feeling the pressure grab a band ad place it around your lower thighs, and place your feet a little more than a hip's distance apart. Begin your squat but don't go too low and hold it at the lowest comfortable position for 30 seconds. In that 30 seconds try to pull the band away with your knees. Do it once more and you'll automatically feel the relief!person holding their back

Back Stretcher to Save the Day!

We know there'll be some days that you just don't feel like getting the yoga mat or the booty bands out, and that's perfectly okay! There'll be some days that you may want to up the ante on your yoga routine, and of course, that's perfectly fine too! The back stretcher is a great addition to your 'lazy' days and your 'good' days. The whole point of the back stretcher device is that it stretches the back in ways only a chiropractor can. Some back stretchers are made out of wood and some are made of high-grade plastic. You can snag one with multiple levels for your best stretch ever! As long you know how to put the back stretcher to good use you're going to fall for this device instantly! However, there seems to be a bit of misinformation surrounding the proper use of a back stretcher so before you even have one handy let's lay out the correct way to employ the back stretcher to get the relief you're craving.

How to Use a Back Stretcher Properly

Now, some back stretchers can stretch the thoracic spine region (upper back) as well as the lumbar spine region (lower back), but some back stretching devices simply provide much-needed lumbar support and lower back pain relief. If you want to know exactly to stretch your back with a back stretcher the right way to avoid injury, we recommend ChiroGen's back stretcher how-to informative video. What the back stretcher device should do for you is give you a proper spinal alignment and decompress your spine at home. Chiropractor Gen demonstrates the ways that others are instructing you to do, and then her method that offers you more relief than you ever thought was possible. 

Pregnant? Try This Instead…

The precaution we want to express very deeply is that pregnant women should seek the advice of their medical practitioner before engaging in the use of a back stretcher device. However, if you're in midst of pregnancy and enduring the back pain that comes with the typical "pregnancy package", check out the back stretches that are safe and very effective for preparing you for the big finale and how to get relief from the pains of carrying that little- or even big- bump around from ''What to Expect''.pregnant woman stretching back

Start Your Back Pain Relief Journey Today

Most often the various types of back stretcher devices will be constructed out of sturdy plastic or sometimes wood. There are other options to the plastic or wooden back stretcher that offer amazing decompression for your whole back like inversion therapy, yoga swings, foam rollers, and a back belt. We love the inversion table and of course the stretcher! There are even inversion boots and inversion chairs that are gaining in popularity. We dug into the best back stretchers that'll guarantee the best upper back and low back pain relief you've ever experienced. We've included the one ultimate inversion table out of many, the best for decompression, and pain relief for your whole back and your shoulders that you need in your bedroom today!

Lower Back Pain Relief Treatment Stretcher


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SolidBack Stable Back Stretcher

The first back stretcher to check out is the SolidBack stretcher device which you can use as a lumbar, or lower back, cushion and as a quick-relief back stretcher. Although this first back stretcher isn't an adjustable option, it's a 'solid' one. You can use the back stretcher as a pillow or cushion that promotes a healthy spinal alignment as you sit at your desk at the office- or your home office. The spikey design is key to promising a complete stretch of your upper back and your lower back and with that, it treats the pain of conditions like scoliosis, sciatica or sciatic nerve pain, disc herniations, and spinal stenosis along with the pain from poor posture and plain old back stiffness. With a weight max of 300 lbs and a max height of 6'4", it's very likely that you're going to be a perfect match for this back stretcher for a strong and solid back!

Back Stretcher with 3 Adjustable Settings

by Moriyou 

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TTCDBF's Moriyou Back Stretcher & Massager in Purple and Blue

We love this Moriyou back stretcher plus massager dynamic duo so much we've included it here twice but in two colors. Both of these back stretchers can bear up to 350 lbs at every level of the base. The 3-levels of the back stretcher device are key to ensuring that you receive the ultimate back massage. Speaking of a massage the acupressure needles that cover the face of the board simulate acupuncture and a manual massage to offer a deep relaxation in the middle of a hard workday, or the middle of any day, really. The all-black board of acupressure needles is interrupted by a vivid blue or purple cushion that indicates where you're to align your spine, and set up and adjusting, and storage are simple and quick. No batteries, no electricity, no hassle, just more of you!

Inversion Table Back Stretcher Machine

by Yoleo 

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Yoleo Inversion Table Back Stretcher Machine

Why save the inversion table for last when it's so shiny and exciting? The Yoleo inversion therapy table is equipped with a comfy headrest and safety built right in. The therapy you need for your lower back pain is all here in this decompressing machine. The chuck buckle and locking system will never leave you hanging and you can easily get back upright with simple arm movements and you can easily maneuver the ankle locking system no matter the situation. The heavy-duty machine is fit to withstand the weight of 300 lbs and a height of 6'6". Say "BUH-Byyyee!" to pain and crankiness prison that lower back pain held you in for far too long, and slip right into the makings of a whole new you!

Adjustable Lumbar Support and Stretcher
$17.97 ($17.97 / Count)

by Magic Back Support 

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Magic Back Support Adjustable Lumbar Support and Stretcher

The Magic Back Support is a 3-tiered adjustable back stretcher to offer a deeply satisfying stretch anytime, anywhere! The stretcher can double as a picture corrector as you work or relax on the sofa. No matter what you use it for, you can achieve relief from muscle aches and strains, upper back and lower back pain, and decompression of your spine while releasing trigger points by the acupoints built in that employ your own body weight to massage that achy back once and for all! With a variety of color choices, we've noticed that the black and blue back stretcher seems to be a popular device color-combo.

Multi-Level Back Stretcher Device

by ChiFit 

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ChiFit Multi-Level Back Stretcher Device (White, Blue, and Black)

Much like the other models of the multi-level back stretcher, this ChiFit stretching device is 15% stronger than the others holding up to 390 lbs! The acupressure on this baby is unreal with 92 plastic needles with unbelievable relief from sciatica, disc herniations, bulging discs, scoliosis, and muscle pain. You get all the perks of a massager along with the acupressure and the deep stretch. You really can't go wrong with ChiFit. You get high-quality upper and lower back pain relief, posture correction, and without a prescription!

4-Level Backs Stretcher


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JUMPOW 4-Level Backs Stretcher

Now, we've seen the magic of the 3-level back stretcher with the acupressure built in and the 4-level seems to be a game changer, doesn't it? What the JUMPOW stretching device does is offer total rehabilitation and relief of the upper back as well as the lower back. This is done by giving you the natural S curve of your spine back. The 4-levels offer more of the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar support you need. With the standard 88 plastic acupuncture needles and a weight limit of 330 lbs, you can really reach new depths in your muscle pain relief and rehabilitation of your whole back. If you don't get up and move around much because of a sedentary job or lifestyle, this may be the answer to your prayers!

Ah! The Ultimate Relief for That Achy Back!

We know now that our core is the key to the back problems we face. If you want to feel better, move better, and get some permanent upper back and lower back pain relief, you can use a back stretcher and some yoga poses to get it done. Plus, now you have the root causes to back pain and you can apply them to your life to resolve to take action against those risks. We have given you the answers to finally solve the bad back problem here in the core exercises, the mitigation of risky behaviors, the 5 best back stretchers, and an inversion table! Now all you have to do is make the first move to a healthy spine. Get your back, back today!

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