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Abigail Hunter melds life experience and an insatiable appetite for mental health, sexual health, and relationship management knowledge to help people looking for wisdom and guidance for life's unending changes.


  • Abigail has ten years of experience writing research-based articles for online blogs and magazines.
  • She has over five years of experience researching and writing about marriage, divorce, women's sexual empowerment, and ending relationships in a healthy manner.
  • She writes about her 18 years of experience maintaining and nurturing friendships with partners after divorce.


Abigail leverages personal experience and years of research into relationships, mental health, and female sexuality in her writing. As a single mother of a teenager, complex relationships are a way of life for her. She uses her knowledge and writing to help others seeking guidance through challenging relationship changes.


Abigail attended The Ohio State University, studying Microbiology, and Franklin University, where she received degrees in Financial and Forensic Accounting.

Expertise: Biological sciences

Education: The Ohio State University

Location: Central Ohio Area

Title: Writer

JoinedJanuary 19, 2023