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Angela Sartiano is a proud skincare advisor who writes about anti-aging, healthy diets, and skin products that enhance beauty and erase signs of aging.


  • Angela has over four years of professional writing experience for online content and media publications.
  • Before working at Iko Brands, Angela wrote for Static Media for their House Digest publication.
  • In addition to skincare, Angela writes about home renovations and DIY projects.


Angela is an avid fan of skincare products. No matter what, she always washes with a good cleanser and toned her face. Angela believes everyone deserves a good skincare routine that works for them. As she grew older, she learned to research and discover what works for others. She writes skincare product content that's informative and digestible for those who believe in "turning back the hands of time" for aging.


Bachelor's of the Arts in English and Writing from Purdue University Fort Wayne

Expertise: Beauty advising and consulting

Education: Purdue University

Location: Fort Wayne, IN

Title: Writer

JoinedFebruary 22, 2023