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Evelyn Greenman is a skincare and cosmetic expert who makes it her personal and professional business to divulge all the juicy details of innovative and groundbreaking advances in the anti-aging skincare industry.


  • Evelyn writes to help others improve their skin without the trial and error process.
  • She's the creator of deep, meaningful content at AgeDefying that helps thousands of people save the skin they’re in.
  • Evelyn's decade of hands-on research and experience helps her compose skincare tips, hacks, how-tos, expert recommendations, and guides to life-changing skin procedures and skin care products.


On AgeDefying, Evelyn hopes to make her knowledge accessible to all. She wants to enable everyone to take back their youthful and glowing skin with her product guides, reviews, and deep dives into trending skin procedures. As the Leader of Creative Content for AgeDefying, Evelyn directly ensures the viability and safety of the newest earth-shattering products and procedures the whole world is raving about. Evelyn has been a trailblazer by making knowledge and power accessible through the brand’s how-to videos, product recommendations, and more.


Evelyn attended Florida State College at Jacksonville.

Expertise: Beauty research and writing

Education: Florida State College at Jacksonville

Location: Jacksonville, FL

Title: Writer

JoinedDecember 1, 2022