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Jessica Lynt writes about many anti-aging products and locates up-to-date research about the most scientifically proven anti-aging ingredients.


  • Jessica researches and writes about many different topics, helping to expand her perspective on each topic.
  • Jessica knows the chemical compounds and ingredients most commonly found in anti-aging products.
  • Her coursework in biology and chemistry help her understand how these anti-aging products work/how effective they are.


Jessica’s passionate about helping people and uses her formal college education to help guide her when writing about numerous anti-aging products. She can read a product's ingredient label and decipher what those ingredients do, how effective they are, and what types of skin they work best for. She’s researched and written about anti-aging products for over six months. She loves to help people with many different skin types find their perfect anti-aging product.


Jessica graduated from Defiance College in Defiance, Ohio in May of 2022. She graduated with two Bachelor's degrees, one in Criminal Justice and the other in Computer Science. Within her Computer Science degree, Jessica undertook concentrations in Information Technology as well as Game/Web Development. Currently, Jessica is going to graduate school at Defiance College, where she'll earn her Law Enforcement Intelligence degree once she finishes schooling.

Expertise: Biology and chemistry

Education: Defiance College

Location: Defiance, Ohio

Title: Writer

JoinedOctober 25, 2022