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Nora's interest in beauty started when she began spending her free time watching YouTube beauty tutorials around age 12. Her passion for beauty quickly grew as she started to follow micro-trends in the industry. Over time, Nora developed a deep personal interest in all things beauty: from the latest trends and techniques to the inner workings of the beauty community. She is also interested in the artistry and personal expression that beauty can evoke. She is particularly intrigued by the evolution of beauty standards and the relationship between these standards and society.


  • Cultivates in-depth knowledge of latest beauty trends and techniques
  • Hones critical thinking skills by watching countless beauty videos to determine which products and techniques are most effective
  • Developed strong sense of creativity and innovation in beauty space


Nora has had a passion for writing since her early years. Prior to writing for AgeDefying, she spent her free time writing songs and poetry. During her college years, she discovered her talent for crafting striking and informative essays. After college, she began writing for a popular dance music publication, where she honed her skills and developed her unique writing style. It was through her love for writing that Nora discovered a perfect blend of her skills and experience—writing about beauty. She found that delving into the world of beauty and cosmetics provided the canvas to showcase her talent while fulfilling her personal interest in beauty.


Nora graduated from the University of Oregon with a B.A. in family and human services, minoring in Spanish. She received Dean's List recognition from the School of Journalism, as well.

Expertise: B.A. Family and Human Services

Education: University of Oregon

Location: Seattle, Washington

Title: Writer

JoinedApril 18, 2023