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Robert has written in the healthcare and health & wellness niches for a number of years.


  • Regardless of what I write about, I prefer doing work that has a meaningful, positive impact on the lives of others, even if only in a small way. I try to approach every job with a mindset of service to others.
  • With experience as a medical writer and editor, I enjoy deep-diving into research and the process of sharing key information with readers in an accessible way.
  • I have a background in journalism and like conducting interviews and getting to know people when writing a blog or article. Fun fact: I've conducted interviews with two moderately famous people -- Tommy James (of TJ & the Shondells) and Danny Shirley (of Confederate Railroad).


My primary interests include anti-aging, diet and exercise, and skincare products for men and women. I try to maintain my own good health by drinking lots of water, wearing sunscreen, regularly exercising, and eating a healthy diet. I'm especially excited about the future of the anti-aging industry and what novel products will be available in coming years that slow, halt, or even reverse the aging process.


Robert has a BS in Psychology from the University of Southern Indiana and earned an MA in Public Relations from the Journalism Department at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana.

Expertise: Psychology

Education: University of Southern Indiana and Ball State University

Location: New Braunfels, TX

Title: Writer

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