Sophia Jurgens


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    Sophia Jurgens has spent time writing for skincare company Vivant and writing beauty blogs for BestReviews.


    Sophia has won numerous awards for both fiction and non-fiction. Sophia previously worked as a copywriter for two major tech giants.


    Sophia first became interested in skin care and beauty when she struggled with acne as a teenager. After learning how to properly combat her own skin issues, she gained experience writing beauty blogs alongside licensed dermatologists that melded together the complex science of skin care with the practicality of everyday beauty rituals. She is passionate about de-mystifying beauty and skincare and helping everyone find a way to feel and look their best.


    Sophia spent a year studying creative writing at The University of Kent in Canterbury, UK before transferring to the Arizona State University where she finished her B.A. in English. She also obtained a certificate from Brown University for Comedic Writing.

    Expertise: Creative writing

    Education: University of Kent

    Location: Arizona

    Title: Writer

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