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Sydney is passionate about exploring innovative approaches to hair and skin care, staying up-to-date on the latest developments through reading and watching videos, and has published nearly 200 articles on topics ranging from sexual health and self-care to how to choose the best intimate products for you.


  • Personal trainer and women's fitness specialist since 2017, focusing on nutrition, correctional exercise, and building confidence for women to hit the gym
  • Lead writer for Cupid's Light with over 175 published articles about relationships, sexual health, and intimate product reviews
  • Bachelor of Science in Biology with education in anatomy & physiology, nutrition, aging, and much more.


Sydney loves trying the newest, trendy wavy hair care routines and always carries sunblock! She has a passion for writing and a keen interest in health, wellness, and helping others feel their best. Combining her background in biology, knowledge of self-care, and expertise in writing, she's excited to help others discover the magic of age-defying products and breakthroughs. Her other hobbies include acroyoga, traveling, and reading.


Degree in Biology from Ramapo College of New Jersey Certified Personal Trainer, Women's Fitness Specialist from the National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Yoga Teacher Teacher of English as a Foreign Language

Location: Stanhope, New Jersey

Title: Writer

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