Best Foot Mask Options To Help You Fight Aging

Clean and Healthy Feet

Aging is normal and so are the foot changes that come with it, and while the serious age-related conditions could lead to bone injuries and even require the intervention of a foot specialist, the milder ones mainly affect the skin in this area. 

Indeed, one of the most obvious changes you’ll notice on your feet as you age is changes in the texture of your skin, it becomes so dry and cracked it begins to bleed. Dry soles are a common problem due to a reduction in the cushioning which is, in turn, the result of the fat loss that occurs with age. The fat pads on the bottom of your feet get thinner and place the additional stress on your skin that makes them dry out and crack. This is also why your feet are often sore at the end of the day.

Age also affects your toenails. These grow slower and become thicker due to hormonal changes and so it becomes harder to cut them. As if that wasn’t enough, age mobility issues also make it difficult to dry your feet after bathing, which makes you more susceptible to fungal infections. As if that wasn't enough, your circulation also deteriorates.

Other common foot problems in aging people are hammertoes – toes that are permanently bent. This isn’t only painful, but the rubbing of your toes leads to corns and calluses. Of course, you can usually address these problems by wearing the proper shoes even though many of these cases will require surgery.

Another impact of aging on your feet is due to the natural changes in the elasticity and stability of your tendons and ligaments. This is because these gradually lose strength and there's a reduction in the height of the arch that leads to an increase in the length and/or width of your feet. Furthermore, the tendons and ligaments stretch and begin to lose their function and make you more susceptible to tendonitis and muscle strains.

Osteoarthritis is another condition that affects your feet as you age, and the main cause is wear and tear. It often impacts the ankle joint and the joint right below it, along with the one in the big toe. You can do lots of things at home to soothe this condition but you should consider consulting a foot specialist when you begin to experience symptoms; a good one should be able to prescribe treatment to help you manage your pain.

In turn, an easy way to pamper your feet at home is to use a foot mask, the results are worth it as they help reveal beautiful skin. Not all masks are created equal, though. 

Commercial Foot Masks and Home Treatments

There’s a lot you can do to correct dry feet and cracked heels. Firstly, wear the most suitable well-fitting footwear for every occasion and try not to expose them to extremely hot or cold climates. Be sure to keep your socks dry at all times.

Similarly, don’t expose your feet to hot water when showering or bathing, and use a mild soap as both of these elements promote cracked heels and dry skin. In particular, avoid any product that contains sodium lauryl sulfate and artificial fragrances.


Dry Cracked Feet

How Can a Foot Mask Help You Fight Aging? 

There are many home remedies and commercial products to help manage your dry feet and cracked heels. The most common claim of such commercial products is that your feet will be as soft as a baby’s bottom. Let’s get real, though, nobody's feet will ever again resemble those of a baby because we’re no longer babies, but there are many ways to make them look presentable. 

Furthermore, there's more than one foot mask choice and the best one for you will depend on what you need. Know that most of these products and treatments are quite relaxing but they're just a temporary boost. Be sure to consult a foot doctor or a dermatologist to address specific skin concerns.‌

How Does a Foot Mask Work?

Masks create a film with which to keep their active ingredients, vitamin C, retinoids, salicylic acid, etc. next to your skin so you can absorb them in a much shorter amount of time than you would a lotion. Depending on what you choose, this product will either exfoliate, dry out, or hydrate your skin. 

person soaking their feet in water

As you can see, the type of foot mask you select will depend on your needs, skin type, and product quality. Continue reading to learn more about the best foot mask options to help you fight aging.

Types of Foot Masks

So, what type of mask would you prefer? Do you want one that’s easy to use or something more intense for better results? 

Non-foaming hydrating cleansers usually come as a milky lotion and can not only moisturize foot skin but keep it from drying further. You want to use them on your feet right after a bath or a shower so opt for oily ingredients like shea butter, vitamin E, jojoba, or glycerin. These are quite effective at preventing moisture loss. 

You could also apply honey, an ingredient with antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that’s great for cleansing and healing wounds. Mix it with a drop of almond oil and slather it all over your heels.

Another common foot mask treatment to prevent cracks is based on exfoliation with moisturizers that contain urea, a compound that can help retain moisture, and salicylic acid, which helps prevent heel cracks when used regularly. 

Person exfoliating their feet with a scrub

You can also use liquid bandages to seal the moisture on badly cracked bleeding heels. These won’t only ease the pain when you walk but keep the torn skin clean.

Similarly, socks made of natural materials like cotton or wool can also provide a mask effect by keeping your feet dry and thus, bacteria-free. You may not know it but the damp, dark environment of wet socks when you’re sweating shoes is perfect for certain fungal foot infections that resemble dry skin. 

Petroleum jelly has sort of gone out of style due to health concerns but it's quite effective in keeping your feet moisturized throughout the night. You may not know it but Vaseline is a purified form that doesn’t contain harmful ingredients, at least according to the Environmental Working Group. They claim that the risk of exposing users to carcinogens and other dangerous ingredients is low to none when using it.

Things to Look For in a Foot Mask

There’s a lot of stuff out there so a good rule of thumb when choosing a product is to focus on your specific needs and be wary of flashy expensive foot masks that contain lots of ingredients you can’t pronounce. Look for budget-friendly products over the counter and remember, price doesn’t always translate to quality.‌

Furthermore, always do a patch skin test before adding any new products to your skincare routine to prevent an allergic reaction.

Best Foot Mask Options To Help You Fight Aging

Foot Peel Mask 3 Pack (Lavender)
$7.96 ($2.39 / Ounce)


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09/19/2023 06:08 pm GMT

Aliver Exfoliating Lavender Foot Mask

This exfoliator is just perfect to peel off calluses and dead skin, and it’ll make your feet soft to the touch. It has a soothing lavender scent and is suitable for anyone. The mask is designed to wrap your feet so they can really absorb the ingredients. You can wear socks over the mask to keep it even closer to your skin, it'll also help if you want to move around while you wear the treatment. This kind of foot mask will greatly improve dry, rough, cracked feet and reduce the appearance of fine lines. It'll also improve your vitality and nourish your skin during any season.

Many beauty products contain a lot of chemicals like salicylic acid which can cause irritation. However, this mask is made of all-natural ingredients and botanical extracts that are safe to use on humans. But, even natural ingredients can irritate sensitive skin. So, do a patch test by applying some of the liquid from the mask on your ankle, on top of your feet. Wait for 10 minutes and see if you get a reaction. The results of this mask vary per individual so, let’s take a look at what some other reviewers have said about this product.


Lavender and Oil

One reviewer noticed the results vary depending on how dry and cracked your feet are and adds that you might have to use it multiple times until you can notice any effects if you have a bad case. She also says that it feels amazing once your skin starts peeling and recommends not to worry if you don’t notice any effects the first time. Just try again in a week, she adds. She applied the mask and kept it on for about an hour and started peeling about 5 to 7 days later. She says it works better if you prep your feet with an Epsom salts bath. 

This product has some bad reviews, but if you look closely, they’re mostly from people who either didn’t read the instructions or didn’t do a patch test and ended up with burnt feet. The result of leaving it on for too long or repeating the process every day expecting a fast fix. Some also forgot to use a sock. Another reviewer said her feet were so smooth she fell and broke her hand but highly recommends this foot mask and will continue to use it.

Foot Peel Mask - 2 Pack
$12.42 ($1.55 / Count)

by Dermora 

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Dermora Foot Peel Mask

Just like the previous mask, this is a great aid when trying to soften cracked heels, dead skin, and calluses. It comes in 10 different scents including coconut, rose, and tea tree, but all contain papaya extracts. All the ingredients are natural, basically. The product comes as booties to make it easier to slide your feet in and in all sizes up to 11. 

You shouldn’t use these masks if you have cuts or damaged feet as they'll severely sting you. Also, remember to always do a patch test on your skin to find out if you can tolerate it. One of the best parts of this mask is it’s one of the few that can also help you get rid of foot odor — one reviewer claims it even cured his athlete’s foot. This foot mask will remove the deepest calluses and is dermatologically tested in a lab. 

Just like with the other mask, many people recommend putting on normal socks on top of these moisturizing socks. This is to keep you from slipping but also helps trap the moisture. Peeling feet doesn’t sound that pleasant but many people claim it feels wonderful. One reviewer reports that some type of magical thing started to grossly happen after 4 days. She adds that her feet looked like they had a disease but ended up fresh and soft after a few days. 

Many people pointed out they’ve used all kinds of foot masks before, some cheaper, others more expensive, but this is the best one. Just more proof that quality and price aren’t related. Be sure to carefully follow the instructions if you're inclined to try it so you won't burn your feet. 

Foot Peel Mask with Peach - 2 Pack
$16.95 ($8.48 / Count)

by Plantifique 

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Plantifique Foot Peel Mask

This foot mask is perfect for everyone, even for those with sensitive skin, and can remove the deepest calluses. The peach kernel oil will rejuvenate and accelerate the regeneration of your skin cells even after the application so it maintains your moisture balance. The quality and safety of this product are guaranteed by the Independent German Dermatological Laboratory established in 1978 which formulated it with all-natural ingredients. It contains no harsh chemicals like parabens or lanolin.

In fact, aloe vera is a key ingredient in this foot mask, and the antioxidants it contains keep your feet moisturized during the peeling process. Papaya is another key active ingredient that helps with callus removal and promotes the shedding of impurities alongside dead skin to keep your feet radiant and clean. Many peeling formulas contain harsh chemicals and acids but this product contains natural salicylic, lactic acids, and other natural ingredients that are really gentle on your skin. Remember to do a patch test before using any product for the first time. 


Woman's feet with peel mask applied to them

Many people who reviewed this product claim they’ve gotten great results, better than other masks, in fact. They also claim that you’ll get better results if you put on moisturizer or soak your feet during the peeling process. As some have pointed out, these masks only remove the top layer of skin so your feet will only be soft for a little while. This is a highly recommended product as long as you use it regularly and take good care of your feet in general. Thus, always wear socks with your shoes and apply moisturizers in addition to using a peel mask.

Foot Peel Mask - Pack of 2
$14.99 ($7.50 / Count)

by Soft Touch 

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Soft Touch Foot Peel Mask

The final product we’ll be reviewing in this article is the Soft Touch Foot Peel Mask. It comes with 2 pairs of booties, so you can do the procedure along with your spouse or bestie. The product is quite easy to use, just slip your feet in and let it do its thing for an hour. Consider sharing some wine and crackers while you wait and chat. Your feet will begin to peel within 7 to 14 days, after which they'll be quite soft. 

Woman applying a foot peel mask to her feet

So, what makes this foot peel mask unique in comparison to the others we just reviewed? Let’s take a look at what some people said. One user says that she really went through an emotional rollercoaster and that using this product completely turned her life around. This is because she was so ashamed of her feet, that she wouldn’t even go to a salon to get a pedicure before trying out this peel mask. So, she tried it and became quite impatient after the first few days because nothing changed. However, she got really excited once it started peeling; although, ashamed because her feet looked even more awful now. However, she was overfilled with joy after the process was over. It was like she got two new feet! 

Side Effects or Contraindications

Consult your doctor before you use this product or any other foot peel mask if you’re pregnant. This is because they contain natural salicylic acid and it can apparently cause intracranial bleeding in the fetus. You can make your own foot scrub mask with sugar and lemon juice scrub if you’re expecting a baby but are dying to exfoliate your feet. Apply it liberally on your feet, wrap them in plastic, leave it on for 30 minutes, and then rinse. You can safely try any of these great foot masks once give birth — if you can take a break. Moreover, consult your doctor before you use any of these products if you’re diabetic, have sensitive skin, or have any other medical conditions that could counteract them. 

Aging is a natural process so taking good care of yourself will help you prevent serious problems in the future. Your feet are very important, don't forget about them just because they’re all the way at the bottom of the floor and usually covered by socks or shoes. Give them some love and pamper them, a foot mask is just one of the many things you can do for this part of your body. Be sure to consult a foot specialist if you're experiencing any problems with your feet. This kind of professional should be able to detect any problems and stop them in their tracks.

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