Blackhead Extractors – Expert Tips, Explanations, and Products

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Have you ever had a blackhead that literally just wouldn't go away? Honestly, any form of acne can be excruciatingly ANNOYING. All of us, here 100% get the frustration. Even the experts come down with cases of hormonal acne, sweat-induced acne, or whatever other kinds we're so randomly blessed to deal with. Thankfully, our experts have realized your frustrations and the frustrations of so many others out there. We've put together not only the top tips and explanations for dealing with your blackheads but also a list of recommended blackhead remover tools and more! If you're looking for all things needed to know about Blackhead extraction and safety you've come to the right place.

Top Expert Recommended Tips and Explanations

Blackheads can definitely be pesky and annoying, but the good news is for the most part they're totally harmless. With that said, we've come up with some tips and explanations for getting deep into the root of understanding what blackheads really are and what to do about them.

1. What are Blackheads?

Much different than their pimple counterparts, the only similarity between pimples and blackheads is that both are considered a type of acne. As pimples are white-yellow pus-filled bumps on the skin, blackheads are simply bumps filled with excess oil and dead skin, lovely, isn’t it? 

Understanding the distinction between a pimple and a blackhead is vital to taking care of your skin. Check out the difference in these two pictures:

There's a pretty evident difference isn't there? Whether you already knew this fun fact or you're really starting to become interested in the rest of this article we have plenty more on understanding exactly what blackheads are.

A common misconception is that blackheads actually have dirt inside the bump, but they actually just reflect off the light in a different way. There isn't actually any dirt found inside the blackheads on your skin. As said before, it's just excess oil and dead skin cells trapped.

Blackheads are extremely common and actually affect many more people than one might think. Most commonly affecting teenagers and young adults going through hormonal changes, they can also be found in adults throughout their aging lives.

So what actually caused that pesky blackhead? West County Dermatology's expert dermatologists provide us with a detailed definition of what actually caused the blackhead:

"Blackheads form when a hair follicle in the skin becomes clogged or plugged. Dead skin cells and excess oil collect in the follicles opening, which produces a bump. If the skin over the bump opens, the air exposure causes the plug to look black, thus forming a blackhead"

Providing us avid blackhead receivers with a basic understanding of what exactly is happening to our skin. As with any other skin condition, research is super important. Avoid any skin damage and come out on with your best skin by following our tips and explanations! Provide yourself with a full understanding of your skin.

2. Extracting Blackheads On Your Own

There's a difference between extracting and taking steps to prevent blackheads. With that in mind, it may already be too late for prevention measures. It's important to understand everything about blackhead removal BEFORE extracting blackheads on your own.

Extracting blackheads at home is totally okay and there are many different blackhead remover tools out there for you to use. Some of the tools might be a bit more dangerous, less effective, or just overall not effective at all.

It might be beneficial to first start out by using a blackhead removal strip or even the proactiv blackhead dissolving gel, before physically extracting blackheads.

If these products don't work, then move on to using a physical remover to clean out that pore.

3. What to Use

Now that we're past whether or not removing blackheads in your home is possible, let's talk about what exactly the tools are meant for. There are a variety of blackhead remover tools on the web already. Trust me, it took a long time for our experts to research all of them, therefore we can't imagine the stress and overwhelming experience you may have had. So, here is a breakdown of the different types of extractors available:

  • Lancet Extractor

This blackhead removal tool has been used by aestheticians aiding specifically in blackhead removal. This blackhead extractor has one point that is super sharp. This sharp point is used to pop a small hole in the blackhead. On the other end, there is the actual extractor, which in turn is used to remove the sebum (trapped oily skin) and the dead skin. This tool is definitely one of the best and most commonly used tools for blackhead extraction. With that being said, be sure to understand that getting this done by a professional is the safest option.

  • Flat Loop Extractor

The flat loop extractor is super useful on sensitive skin. Although not totally gentle, this is a much more gentle option than the other form of blackhead extractor. With the flat loop, the main idea is to press the blackheads out rather than pop or squeeze them. Causing less irritation around the area the blackhead is located and protecting your pores. 

  • Small Loop Extractor

The small loop extractor may be slightly more aimed at extracting whiteheads over blackheads. Meaning, that if you're working to extract a blackhead it's probably best to use one of the other options in this list. The small loop extractor is perfect for popping those whiteheads that are right on the edge.

  • Angled Loop Extractor

We all know faces are filled with all different kinds of crevices and shapes. Blackheads often grow on the side of the nose, awkwardly somewhere on the ear or right around those sensitive mouth areas. These areas can be a bit more difficult to reach and clear out the dead skin cells found inside the pesky blackhead. 

NOW ENTERING… The Angled loop extractor. This extractor is the best blackhead remover tool for those hard-to-reach areas on the face. Providing users with just the right angle in order to get extract the dead skin cells.

  • Spoon Extractor

Picture a spoon, with a hole in the middle. Basically one of those special spoons that help to separate the egg yolk from the white? Picture exactly that you'll be able to easily extract that blackhead out. Dead skin and all. With this blackhead remover, users will simply place the spoon over the blackhead and ease out the contents that are inside. Not only is this a simple extraction it is also super satisfying. But remember if it isn’t coming out easily, it’s not ready. 

  • Eye Loop Extractor

The eye loop extractor is better for that really big blackhead. This is slightly bigger and more oval-shaped than its spoon extractor sister. Giving users more control over their pesky blackheads that just seem to keep getting bigger. Place the tool over the blackhead and gently press until the contents again ease out and give you that satisfying tummy feeling, that's not super explainable.

  • Blackhead Tweezers

The blackhead tweezers are basically tiny little fingers that are able to get the perfect grip on the blackhead. Providing users with a curved point, these tweezers will squeeze the clogged pore allowing excess oil to come out. Mainly used for a stubborn blackhead that no other tools have worked on.

  • Blackhead Vacuums

Blackhead vacuums are another tool altogether. Providing users with a powerful suction that can immediately take the excess sebum out of the enlarged pores. Although that may be true, it's very important to do the research before using these tools at home. The powerful suction could possibly cause skin damage like bruising or worse.

4. Pitfall Popping

Popping any type of pimple whether it be a whitehead or a blackhead can most definitely cause skin damage. We've all heard this time and time again, JUST LEAVE IT ALONE. But come on, who has the patience?? Who can possibly resist that satisfying feeling we get every time we pop a pimple?? Well… unfortunately that's probably the best possible advice to take away. When you find yourself in that pitfall popping mode just popping everything in existence, it's important to take a step back and realize that this could potentially be seriously damaging your skin.

Not only is it opening your pores to oils and harmful bacteria found on your hands, but also possibly leading you to more breakouts. Pores are actually super sensitive and don't really take their shape back once they've been stretched. So next time you find yourself on a popping binge, STOP and ask if it's REALLY necessary to damage that pore. If it's a super stubborn blackhead, we get it, we've been there. Even some of our absolute expert dermatologists have been there! That's okay, some things are unavoidable. The avoidable part in question though is don't fall into a pimple popping pitfall.

5. Overwhelming Options

Well, you've made it this far, meaning the pimple pitfall didn't steer you away. This, in turn, means you really do genuinely care about your skin, and fun fact: We do too! The options of finding the best blackhead remover are far and few between. Therefore we've come up with a few things to consider before settling on one specific purchase.

  1. Know your skin type – Knowing your skin type can come in so many different ways. Take this online quiz to get an idea of what type of skin you have. This is super important not only for removing blackheads but for literally any skincare decisions you make in the future. Another thing to consider is that skin can change, if you feel your skin has changed with age or with hormonal developments, take the quiz again. It's a 5-minute quiz that could seriously help you get your skin up to par!

  2. Research – This is no surprise to our readers, considering we are constantly advocating for researching tools and skincare products before buying. Whether you're standing at the drug store debating on what pore strips to buy or you're avidly reading through this article to learn the best blackhead extraction tool on the market, you're doing it right! Research is key to keeping your skin healthy and keeping your mind at ease.

  3. Don't buy something crazy expensive – yes, of course, the more expensive, the better but in blackhead extraction that's not always the case. Unless you or someone doing the work has had training in using these expensive tools, it's probably best to leave it to the professionals, getting the facial itself could possibly add up to the same price. As we all know, a facial doesn't only get rid of those pesky blackheads, it also gives you a relaxing afternoon, with no distractions. Way more worth it than agonizing in your own bathroom.

7. Videos Give Reference

With that last point being said, it's important to educate yourself if you do choose to do some at-home blackhead extracting. The best way to do this, of course, is to watch the professionals. Although we don't condone completing any work on your skin without getting professional help first. Here are a few videos that might help you learn how to properly extract those pesky blackheads!

9. Keeping Up With the Prevention

One of the sure-fire best ways to keep up with blackhead-free skin is taking preventative measures before they even arise or directly after a facial/extraction. Preventative measures can save your beautiful skin from so much damage. As long as you are consistent and don't let anything get in the way of you and keeping healthy skin.

  • Keep up with face washing – It's super important to continuously wash your face with the best possible face wash for you and your skin type (don't forget to check out that quiz). Using a mild cleanser should be plenty to keep the dirt and oil out of your pores.

  • Make sure that the skin products you are using are alcohol-free. With all of the different products on the market using ones with alcohol is a total no-go. It is harsh and will harm your skin and it doesn't speed the process up.

  • Wash your hair! This may seem weird when talking about the face, but your hair does border your face, right? Therefore, when your hair gets overly oily the oils can easily spread to your face and cause clogged pores and acne.

  • Another odd but proven strategy to prevent blackheads is changing your pillowcase often. Not every day, but the more often, the better. Changing your pillowcase will get rid of different oils that both come off your body and hair.

  • Last but definitely not least, DON'T TOUCH YOUR FACE. There are definitely some times that touching your face is undeniably unavoidable, but limiting the number of times those greasy, oily hands get on your face throughout the day should be a common thought going through your head.

Remove Your Blackheads With These Blackhead Extractors

Now of course this article wasn't just to completely educate on what NOT to do in the matter of extracting blackheads, our experts also wanted to give you some blackhead extractors that are highly recommended. These extractors have been chosen with all of the aforementioned fun facts to look for! Which makes your job that much easier when deciding what the best extractor kit is for your skin type (do you know your skin type yet?)

6PCS Dual Heads Blackhead Remover Kit


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2. JPNK – Professional Clear Solution – Blackhead Extraction Kit

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3. 5 Piece Blackhead Extraction Kit


In conclusion, there are a variety of different blackhead remover tools on the market. Using these at home can work to your advantage or not. The most important aspect of fighting blackheads is taking preventative measures against them, but that doesn't always work. Therefore, using different removal methods sometimes proves to be the only option.

Important aspects of removing blackheads at home are to know your skin type, understand and research how to use the tool of your choosing, and of course, try to be gentle and caring about your skin. Don't fall into a popping pitfall even if it becomes super satisfying and you feel like you can't stop. Be aware, that if a blackhead or pimple isn't popping, take a step back. Revisit it tomorrow, it could just not be ready yet. Prodding and pulling can quickly lead to scarring and stretching of the pores.

The main takeaway should be to always be careful with the sensitive skin that is our faces. Keeping in mind that, with careful research extracting blackheads isn't the worst idea, but it's always better to head to the professionals! 

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