Can CeraVe SA Lotion Help You Fight Aging?

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Searching and rifling through all the best anti-aging and moisturizer reviews and the "14 Best Moisturizers" types of online articles can be a bit overwhelming. How about if we could help you with all the searching to bring you what it is that you're looking for in the first place. If what you're looking for is an affordable and effective way to bring back the supple and moisturized skin of your youth, well, then get comfortable, and let's take a deep dive into why you need the CeraVe SA lotion and why CeraVe has your back, and your front, truly.

Star Ingredients of CeraVe SA Moisturizing Lotion

There are 4-star ingredients in the SA lotion as well as the SA smoothing cleanser that you have to know about. The star of the show is the salicylic acid that works with lactic acid to remove dead skin cells from your face and body. In removing the dead skin, the skin barrier is then replenished and moisturized by the aide of hyaluronic acid and the ceramides that are the co-stars of the SA lotion and the SA smoothing cleanser. Truthfully, all of these powerful ingredients work equally hard to bring you the skincare you crave.

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Salicylic Acid: The Magic Formula

If you ever struggled with acne as a kid or even as an adult, you may already be familiar with one thing that salicylic acid does for the skin. However, salicylic acid does more than just clear up acne. C₇H₆O₃ is the formula to make up the beta hydroxy acid that is salicylic acid and is used in a wide array of things. In fact, there are plenty of salicylic acids naturally occurring in the fruits and vegetables we eat. Belonging to the drug class silicates, the formula is used to make aspirin as well as other prescription ointments and topicals, just like prescription acne medication is a topical.

What Salicylic Acid Does For Skin

We know that salicylic acid is a great acne medication, but what else does it do for the skin? The magic of salicylic acid works to unclog pores, remove blackheads, tighten up large pores, and relieve redness and inflammation while resurfacing your face or body. That's not even half of what salicylic acid treats. The treatments for dandruff or seborrheic dermatitis of the scalp, psoriasis, plantar and common warts, calluses, and corns are proven effective, and the skin condition or disease is curable with salicylic acid. Since the formula works best alongside other topical medications, there are many varieties of compound formulas, like salicylic acid and lactic acid. The duo is a match made in skincare heaven. Let's get a take on lactic acid and why it is so effective in combination therapy with salicylic acid in skincare. 

Lactic Acid: What It Does for Skin

The question should really be, what doesn't lactic acid do? For skin that is dull and tired-looking, lactic acid may be the answer to your prayers. The powerful acid, though, should be used in moderation about every other night. Moisturizing is a must with lactic acid to avoid the skin getting too dry. The do-it-all alpha hydroxy acid was originally found and produced in milk, but there have been advancements to the production of lactic acid. Vegan and synthetic sources are made from beets and corn starch, and the synthetic forms are often found in facial peels and serums. So, what does it do? To start, the AHA brightens your skin tone while smoothing and evening your skin texture through the natural exfoliants in the lactic acid formula. Need more? Lactic acid has it, and plenty of it. Those fine lines and wrinkles you've been tirelessly shopping at Ulta buying out the whole anti-aging section, and not seeing results that you'd hope for. Well, skip the trip to Ulta or Sephora, and be assured that you can find what you need in lactic acid. Surely, you aren't unphased by the amazing capability of lactic acid to regenerate your skin cells to produce your own collagen with continued use. The reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots, and sun or age spots is enough to get you going on your anti-aging skincare journey.

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Lactic Acid For Keratosis Pilaris and Other Skin Conditions

The one thing that lactic acid as an alpha hydroxy acid has that other alpha hydroxy acids like glycolic acid is the improvement of skin texture. The lactic acid allows the skin to retain its moisture. The AHA also will effectively treat keratosis Pilaris, a skin condition marked by uneven, rough, and bumpy skin because of the clogged hair follicles on the face and body. The pulp of the dead skin cells that clogs the hair follicles is that which lactic acid dissolves for a much smoother and more even skin tone. Keratosis pilaris is not an uncomfortable skin condition; however, it can be bothersome and to some a bit embarrassing to the people who live with it. If you are one of those who suffer from eczema or psoriasis and rosacea, you may already know what lactic acid can do for your skin. Most of the over-the-counter treatments for these skin conditions use lactic acid. With lactic acid, the people who are embarrassed by their skin, not just victims of keratosis pilaris, but anyone who looks in the mirror and wishes that you would have worn sunscreen and not used a whole bottle of baby oil to set yourself on fire by the sun in the 80s and 90s. Maybe, it's just a natural part of the aging process, but with a little help from our friends (lactic and salicylic acids) we can age more gracefully and slowly. If you want to see how the alpha-hydroxy and the beta hydroxy acids will work together to save your skin, keep reading.

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Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Working Together in CeraVe SA Rough Bumpy Skin Care

These acids are the tamest of the skincare acids making them suitable for use on sensitive skin. The beta-hydroxy acid is the salicylic acid, and the vitamin C is the acid that penetrates the skin. By the BHA invading the pores it clears out the blemishes and clogged pores we all struggle with. The reinforcement of the two acids both addressing acne, clogged pores, and large pores will give your skin a better clarity and more even tone. Salicylic acid nor citric acid or vitamin C will certainly dry out oily skin and overtly the lactic acid will act as a moisturizer. As wonderfully as these other topicals will aid beauty routines, you don't want to use them every day as a supplement, but in moisturizers and a face or body wash the amount of these acids are much fewer and specially formulated for everyday use. CeraVe SA lotion can be your go-to lotion and you will never worry about any adverse side effects. In loads of other brand-name lotions, serums, and topicals by prescription that you must use at the most every 2 days to avoid things like over-drying or skin irritation. Thank goodness CeraVe really knows their stuff, so you can enjoy the benefits of all of the SA rough bumpy line of products without the adverse effects or breaking up your skincare routine. This line has you covered from head to toe with the body wash, SA smoothing cleanser, and the CeraVe SA lotion (which can be used from head to toe, although we don't recommend it for your hair). This is far from all the CeraVe benefits, so let's take a look at the co-stars, if you will, of the SA line.

The Big Helper: Hyaluronic Acid to Hold Moisture

It's funny, hyaluronic acid, in the way that everyone shortcuts the way the acid works. Yes. Hyaluronic acid is hydrating for your skin, but not in the way that most people think. Hyaluronic acid doesn't quench your skin's thirst as much as it does lock the moisture inside your skin. Once the moisture is locked away in your skin cells then the moisture is multiplied within your skin cells. Once your skin is no longer on life support for the lack of moisture, the hyaluronic acid will be able to renew your skin cells into plump, smooth, and healthy cells. It's basically a facelift in a serum or moisturizer jar. What's more, is the skin cell turn-over magic trick will keep working long after you've applied it. The new skin cells are feeling like their brand new and that prompts them to do their jobs, making more elastin and more collagen. Hyaluronic acid is like the gift that keeps on giving- not in a herpes or warts kind of way, a good way! The only way that this could get any better is if there were some ceramides to keep all of this juice in your skin.

Ceramides: What They Are and What They Do for Skin Care

Aha! Bet you knew Ceramides were next! Well, since it's in the name of the skincare brand CeraVe, there sure better be in the products, right? Why of course it is. See the Cera is the ceramides they not only swear by but the VE is taken from their patented MVE technology. MVE is a time-release delivery system for 24-hour hydration for your skin. The ceramides are lipids way under the skin's surface that secrete an oily or wax-like substance in the microscopic sebaceous gland which lives under or inside a hair follicle. The ceramides which are secreted are secreted from every hair follicle on a mammal's body. Since ceramides are naturally occurring, some foods are full of ceramides too. Also, the ceramides we use are synthetic and usually have a vegan formula used to ease the minds of the animal rights protectors in our communities. Having said all that, the ceramides pertaining to skincare are a synthetic way of supplementing what we already know humans produce naturally but could be used to build upon it and control where the supplement is needed the most. The ceramides are necessary to protect our skin to lock moisture and keep pollution, UV light, bacteria, and the weather like harsh sunlight. So, the capabilities already exist inside each one of us. But we could benefit from more to moisturize and protect our skin. CereVe has the most informative commercials yet short on the explanation behind the tidbit with the part wherein the narrator has a quick speech about ceramides. Listen for it next time you're cuddling on the couch favorite person, then maybe show off what you know about ceramides to them.

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The Buddy System: Hyaluronic Acid + Ceramides

So, it may already be a bit obvious to you what the 2 buddies can put together when put together, but well do they go together? Hyaluronic acid and ceramides are both naturally occurring substances within the human body. They both aid beauty, but in totally different yet linkable ways. Ceramides, at a glance, moisturize skin and protects it by forming an invisible shield of protection that is impenetrable and impermeable. Hyaluronic acid is thought to moisturize your skin; however, the acid goes beyond just moisturizing your skin. The acid attracts any moisture that is evident within the skin and collects it and dispenses it into your skin cells to multiply it and renew the skin cells altogether. So, hyaluronic acid is a moisturizer, just not in the traditional sense.

Vitamin C as Citric Acid for Anti Aging to The Max

Sometimes this gem is called various names, including ascorbic acid, obviously citric acid, and vitamin C so let's see how citric acid works to turn back the clock on your skin. The alpha-hydroxy acid which is vitamin C is a natural exfoliant that works by penetrating the top layer of skin cells, which, by the way, are dead skin cells. The exfoliant will reveal clean pores, even skin tone, and a brighter complexion. With continued use as a topical good discernment should be used as the topical forms of vitamin C are not intended for prolonged application. However, vitamin C is full of anti-aging secrets like the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. Not to mention the skin cell turnover that gives you plumper and smoother skin. The citric acid makes it possible to resurface the old dull skin and replace it with an added layer of new skin cells. The exfoliant of the AHA properties makes possible the correction of sagging skin like your décolletage or tired eyes. The correction of the aging problems is evident in the brighter and even skin tone as well as the renewing of skin cells just as in the power of the salicylic acid. Vitamin C is often used in conjunction with retinol or the more potent tretinoin and while this is effective for treating acne, the compound with salicylic and lactic acids and the renewing and moisturizing nature of the hyaluronic acid and ceramides is just as effective for treating acne, but with gentler and approved for everyday use. This means that you can more easily fit the CeraVe SA skincare products into a simpler routine that will make you shine and glow in all the best ways.

Put It All Together: CeraVe SA Rough Bumpy Skin Skin Care

When you put the stars of the lotion, the body wash, and face washes (Cerave Smoothing Cleanser and the Foaming Facial Cleanser) which are salicylic acid combined with lactic acid we discovered a great remedy for acne, clogged pores which cause large pores, and some acne scarring in some cases. Best of all the combination of the two stars creates a remedy for rough bumpy skin caused by keratosis pilaris, planters and common warts, dandruff, and so much more. With the two powerhouses for very complaints within the skincare world, it seems like there are endless possibilities with SA and LA. Then our two co-stars, the hyaluronic acid, and ceramides seem to do all the heavy lifting for the moisture and protection of your skin. Maybe, that is a bit backward but the 5 active ingredients we've analyzed from the scientific viewpoint, all seem to complement one another. The SA and the LA are fighters of each specific skin condition, with some pitfalls like skin irritation or dry skin with sensitive skin. With pitfalls or adverse reactions, the HA and the ceramides are there to protect from dry skin with the trap and lock technology built into the HA. Then, the ceramides go on a bit further to shield the skin from any further damage while naturally moisturizing the skin it's protecting. It is amazing how CeraVe also puts into their ceramides the MVE technology to keep the benefits of the ceramides acting on behalf of your skin for 24 hours. Baffling!

Renewing SA Cleanser
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In Your Face: CeraVe SA Rough Bumpy Skin Love

Of course, we here at AgeDefying, are completely pure in the motivation to bring an in-depth look at the CeraVe SA Rough Bumpy Skin lotion, however, the whole line of SA deserves recognition. Besides, if you collected each skincare product and used each continuously, you'd be unstoppable! Why stop there, if you are in dire need of some overnight miracles, try on the skin renewing night cream. There is a difference too, by the way, betwixt the lotion or moisturizer, and a cream. If you are on the hunt for a lightweight and gradual, go with the SA lotion or moisturizer that best fits your individual needs. However, if you need something that has more substance and will transform your skin more rapidly, go all-in on a good moisturizing cream. When you are doing your skincare routine, make sure you have the ingredients you need, and have all of the ingredients you need, if you catch the drift. Go with a trusted name in skincare for all your needs: serums, moisturizing lotion, body wash, face wash, moisturizing cream, or even topicals. Each need for your unique skin type, skin tone, sensitivity, and more is important now when you are fighting things like fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots or age spots or even scarring from acne. Speaking of acne, there are 3 ingredients in this recipe that CeraVe has expertly concocted and perfected for more than just anti-aging but acne and keratosis all in one effective and thorough skincare product.

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