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Getting older is an inevitable part of life. However, it doesn’t have to be a debilitating one. There are various techniques, foods, and products that you can use to combat the aging process and look and feel younger. Amla oil is one of many anti-aging tools, and it is widely growing in popularity for its

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Continuous external damage from intrinsic and extrinsic factors causes the skin to age, increasing wrinkling, sagging, laxity, and uneven skin texture. Increased skin thickness, dryness, altered barrier function, and hyperpigmentation are signs of aging skin, especially photoaged skin. In addition, the process is marked by skin degradation, collagen damage, and inflicting harm on dermal fibroblasts. The major cause of

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Beyond cute clothing and great makeup, glowing skin always attracts attention and turns heads. Strangers might even come up to you and admire your skin. Some people are born with supple skin, while others must work hard to achieve perfection. However, to attain beautiful skin in general, you must develop good skincare habits and include

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People often discuss the varying standards of beauty, based on pictures of models shining on the front pages of magazines, on the catwalks, or on different advertisements. You might even find yourself inspired by some. However, preference and personal opinion are no longer enough to judge beauty. To see if a face is beautiful or

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A dry nose, whether on the skin surrounding the nose or inside the nasal passages, may be pretty uncomfortable and difficult to manage, especially if you’re still suffering from cold symptoms that make you want to massage your nose even more. Dryness of the nose can occur independently or in conjunction with other nasal symptoms such as a runny

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Frequently washing hands with hand soap can strip them of natural oils and a layer of ceramide on the epidermis, causing the skin to lose collagen and prematurely age. When someone asks about your age, you’re most likely to respond to the question with your age in numbers, meaning how many years it’s been since