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Do you have dry hair? Deep conditioning hair masks might be just what you need for a softer, more manageable mane. Here’s what you need to know to choose the right one. Let’s start with what causes your hair to be dry. One of the main reason hair gets dry is because it lacks internal

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People have been making use of clay for centuries to improve their hair and skin. The skin is susceptible to blackheads and clogged pores regardless of the skin-type. Clay masks are the solution. Using clay masks is an excellent way to treat all skin issues naturally and at a relatively low cost. Your skin will

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A popular ingredient in haircare, Biotin is almost certainly one of the most buzzed-about ingredients. It is known that supplements that contain vitamin B7, strengthen and nourish hair. That is a crucial component of hair supplements, so good luck finding one without it. The nutrient can be obtained orally via supplements or diet (like salmon

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When you hear the term Gold Bond lotion, it might conjure up memories of your parents or grandparents having that bright yellow container of Gold Bond Powder that they’d sprinkle liberally on every body part at the first sign of itching or chafing. That powder is still an excellent resource for helping with irritated skin.

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On a rainy Scottish morning in 1843, Duncan was abandoned by his mother within hours of his birth. The local innkeeper and his wife took him in, and it would’ve been a blessing had the man not been an alcoholic who beat him up. The boy grew up and began a career as a baker’s

Clean and Healthy Feet

Aging is normal and so are the foot changes that come with it, and while the serious age-related conditions could lead to bone injuries and even require the intervention of a foot specialist, the milder ones mainly affect the skin in this area.  Indeed, one of the most obvious changes you’ll notice on your feet as

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Feet are a vital part of the human body and yet most people tend to ignore and neglect them. Did you know that 25 percent of the bones in your body, 18 percent of your joints, and 6 percent of your muscles comprise your pair of feet? As you can imagine, any damage to any

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Aging is a fact of life, but it doesn’t mean you actually have to look frumpy. You can look great at any age — all you need is a little maintenance here and there. However, be aware of the many products out there that claim to deter the process of aging. Those looking for a

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The skin area around your eyes changes as you age as well as your vision, and while many of these changes are normal, others can greatly affect you. Some changes are simple like eye bags and dark circles but others could even lead to vision loss if you don’t identify them and treat them early.

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Have you ever had a blackhead that literally just wouldn’t go away? Honestly, any form of acne can be excruciatingly ANNOYING. All of us, here 100% get the frustration. Even the experts come down with cases of hormonal acne, sweat-induced acne, or whatever other kinds we’re so randomly blessed to deal with. Thankfully, our experts