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The Nexxus story began in 1979 when scientist, cosmetologist, and inventor of the modern-day conditioner, Jheri Redding, discovered that hair becomes healthier and more robust when treated with protein. To this day, Nexxus believes in the power of protein science to add vitality to your mane. Their logic is, hair is made up of more than 90

Anti-aging is one of the largest markets in the beauty and skincare industry. It is said that in 2021, the value of the anti-aging market will be over 60 billion dollars. They project this number to continually sky-rocket. They also project the anti-aging market to increase to 119 billion by 2030. This market rise is

The old stance on face masks and sheet mask users being women may have already been dimmed by the superstars of today. One Portuguese superstar of the Premier League club Manchester United footballer (that’s soccer for all the Americans), Christiano, is pouring out some major sheet mask love on Insta. Then, we see John Stamos,

Of the first features people notice about another person is their hair. A survey done by Pantene showed that 74% of men notice a woman because of their hair. 44% said that a woman’s hair is the first thing they notice. But many women are unhappy with their hair. From issues with texture to color

If you are an avid social media user, you have likely heard about Vanity Planet. Vanity Planet often uses influencers to help promote its products. Influencers review specific products and are given special discount codes to offer their followers. Products such as skin care items are best reviewed when future customers can visually see all

All the people who have suffered from eczema have already tried ALL the things! Whether you’ve tried every type of steroidal cream, hydrocortisone cream, or even ice packs, you know 10 minutes on, 10 minutes off. That burn that sets your skin on fire while the itch is still unrelenting and the ice pack keeps

You may not be the only one with no notion of a serum. Even if you have numerous serums, it is not a particularly transparent product on the surface. Consider the following examples of inconsistencies: even if it’s hydrating, you might still use a moisturizer.  Once you’ve mastered skincare essentials, including cleansing, moisturizing, and applying

People have been making use of clay for centuries to improve their hair and skin. The skin is susceptible to blackheads and clogged pores regardless of the skin-type. Clay masks are the solution. Using clay masks is an excellent way to treat all skin issues naturally and at a relatively low cost. Your skin will

When you hear the term Gold Bond lotion, it might conjure up memories of your parents or grandparents having that bright yellow container of Gold Bond Powder that they’d sprinkle liberally on every body part at the first sign of itching or chafing. That powder is still an excellent resource for helping with irritated skin.