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Aging skin is a common concern across the world. In America, 62% of people use anti-aging products daily. This statistic shows that people care about their face and aging. Most people want to put their best face forward, literally. Faces are usually the first thing you notice about a person. Including anti-aging products into your

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A popular ingredient in haircare, Biotin is almost certainly one of the most buzzed-about ingredients. It is known that supplements that contain vitamin B7, strengthen and nourish hair. That is a crucial component of hair supplements, so good luck finding one without it. The nutrient can be obtained orally via supplements or diet (like salmon

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Aging is a natural part of life. All people are affected by the hands of time. But certain people will experience the signs of aging much deeper than others. Depending on your lifestyle, diet, and skin regimen your face may have more apparent fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, dryness, etc. If you haven’t begun to consider

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On a rainy Scottish morning in 1843, Duncan was abandoned by his mother within hours of his birth. The local innkeeper and his wife took him in, and it would’ve been a blessing had the man not been an alcoholic who beat him up. The boy grew up and began a career as a baker’s

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As people age, their skin tends to also show signs of aging. This can include dark circles, puffiness, wrinkles, etc. However, many people don’t like these signs of aging. People are willing to spend a significant amount of money to keep youthful skin and appearances. In 2020, the Anti-aging market was said to be worth

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Many women out there suffer from thinning hair or balding. This can be a result of genetic conditions such as female pattern baldness (alopecia), or other factors like wearing hairstyles that pull too tight as well as stress, hormones, and badly damaged hair. Few women dare to embrace it and shave their heads, instead, but

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Having pearly white teeth not only makes you look and feel good, but having a white smile also improves your oral health. When you have a happy and healthy smile, you are more likely to be motivated to take care of it by following a dental care routine that includes regular brushing and flossing. Along

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Several factors go into maintaining the health and density of your hair, including what you eat, what products you use on your hair, and what your hair routine is. A lack of sufficient nutrition could result in hair thinning or gradual hair loss. It could also lead to dry, brittle, or dull hair. Thinning hair

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“Embracing who you are on the inside and out will help you achieve the best version of your skin– plus the confidence to achieve so much more.” These are the words of Tula Skincare founder, Dr. Roshini Raj, a practicing gastroenterologist who graduated from Harvard and New York University. She’s always been fascinated by the

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“Honey, time marches on, and eventually, you realize it’s marchin’ across your face.” Truvy from the movie “Steel Magnolias” nailed the aging process for the modern woman with this line to perfection. Truvy, if given a chance, would eventually explain how time marches across your hair, too, since she is a hairdresser. Since hair is

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Revision Skincare Reviews: Can It Help You Fight Aging? Revision skincare has been making its way around the world traveling from dermatologists’ shelves and medical spa showcases to your homes. These popular skincare products have been used by celebrities, doctors, influencers, and many more throughout the past few decades. Therefore, it’s undoubtedly an easy hook

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Have you ever had a blackhead that literally just wouldn’t go away? Honestly, any form of acne can be excruciatingly ANNOYING. All of us, here 100% get the frustration. Even the experts come down with cases of hormonal acne, sweat-induced acne, or whatever other kinds we’re so randomly blessed to deal with. Thankfully, our experts