How Divi Hair Serums Can Help Your Scalp

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Key Points

  • Your hair is the center of your beautiful features — treat it with love and nourishment to keep it healthy and happy.

  • There are three stages in the hair growth cycle, but those suffering from hair loss often get stuck in now phase or skip through too quickly.

  • Ensure your body is receiving proper nourishment from your food to give your scalp the tools it needs to grow healthy hair.

  • Start using a Divi hair serum on your scalp regularly to promote hair growth by detoxifying your follicles and nourishing your scalp.

Hair is typically the first feature people notice about each other. A survey by Pantene showed that 74 percent of men notice a woman because of their hair, and 44 percent said it's the first thing they notice. Yet, many women are unhappy with their hair. From issues with texture to color to graying, the list seems endless. Among the biggest list of concerns is hair loss.

Hair loss affects 80 million Americans, including men and women. Those with hair loss face hair thinning, poor hair density, and scalp issues. Brushing your hair and experiencing chunks of hair coming out is frustrating and scary. This often causes people to begin a hair care journey beyond searching for a good shampoo and conditioner. Dry scalp, scalp build-up, genetics, and other issues lead to hair loss. Is there a solution?

You've heard about hair plugs, Rogaine, and wigs as a way to handle hair issues. There are other solutions — Divi hair serum is a scalp treatment with natural ingredients created to treat hair and scalp issues. It's scientifically proven and tested by dermatologists for effectiveness. This hair serum is a great tool to add to your hair care routine. Before starting this treatment at home, it's important to identify why you're facing hair loss to find the best solution to meet your needs. 

Causes of Hair Loss

Finding the root issues of your hair loss is important. The cause of your hair loss results from a variety of issues. It's important to contact your doctor or dermatologist to understand which factors affect you specifically. While many things lead to hair loss, there are a few main causes. 

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Male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness are terms referring to the genetic loss of hair. Have you heard that men get their hair genes from their mother’s father? There is some truth to this rumor — 80 percent of people with hair loss reported their father also experienced some baldness. Anticipating the loss of your hair due to your genes feels suffocating, but some products curb your hair loss, such as Divi hair serum. Poor genetics doesn’t have to be the end-all-be-all of your hair. Create a proactive plan and maintain good scalp health to lengthen the life of your beautiful locks. 


Hormonal changes are a common cause of hair loss. Although women face dramatic hormonal changes during pregnancy and menopause, hormones are the common cause of hair loss for both sexes. The hormone that causes the biggest issue is dihydrotestosterone, a by-product of testosterone. Up to 10 percent of testosterone is naturally converted to dihydrotestosterone or DHT.  DHT is largely responsible for the minimization of hair follicles, causing hair loss.


Some studies suggest that stress causes a disruption to the hair follicle cycle and results in hair loss. Traumatic stressful events such as the death of a loved one, divorce, or worldwide issues contribute to hair loss. The hair loss experienced from these events usually happens about three months after the traumatic event. Most people tend to notice thinning hair first. Luckily, hair loss from trauma is usually only temporary. There are some effective solutions to dealing with this type of hair loss. For example, therapy and a balanced diet are beneficial tools for overcoming trauma-related hair loss or hair thinning.


Another major cause of hair loss is illness. Issues such as thyroid problems and anemia contribute to hair loss. Alopecia is a term that encompasses various types of hair loss. Roughly 95 percent of men's hair loss is due to alopecia.

Certain treatments for illness cause hair loss as well — chemotherapy, a treatment commonly used for cancer, causes hair loss. There are many other illnesses that cause hair loss. Many people have experienced hair loss or hair shedding from Covid-19. Covid causes a high fever, which leads to increased shedding.

Eating disorders often cause hair loss as well. Disordered eating causes malnourishment and a lack of protein. When this happens, the body eliminates all other bodily functions outside of the essentials needed to keep organs functioning properly. This causes physical side effects such as hair loss and hair thinning.

Hair loss is a major source of frustration and devastation. Facing illness is difficult all on its own, but adding in hair loss as a symptom multiplies negative feelings. To treat hair loss caused by illness, it's important to first address the illness itself. Once a plan is in place to treat illness, actively take steps to regrow your hair.   

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The Three Phases of Hair Growth

When one starts to experience hair thinning and hair loss, it's natural to begin to search for a solution. Not only do you want to stop the cause of hair loss, but you also hope for hair growth. Learning about the phases of hair growth is an important factor in growing back your hair. 

Anagen: The Growth Phase

About 90 percent of your hair follicles are currently in the growth phase, called anagen. Your hair usually grows about six inches per year. The anagen phase for each hair follicle lasts from two to seven years. The range of this time is what affects people's hair length differently. 

Catagen: The Regressing Stage

Catagen occurs when your hair stops growing. This phase is very short, lasting only two to three weeks. Once growth has stopped, the outer root shrinks and becomes "club hair."

Telogen: The Resting Phase

Hair in the telogen phase accounts for 10 to 15 percent of the hair on your head. This phase lasts about 100 days. During the telogen phase, hair is just resting. If you were to pull out a hair in the telogen phase, you would notice a solid white and dry root. The hair falls out during this phase and reenters the anagen phase to complete the hair cycle.

To increase hair growth, you want your hair in the anagen phase for a long period. Poor scalp health causes your hair to enter the catagen phase early or perhaps get stuck there. Learning to improve your scalp health is essential. A healthy scalp maintains hair follicles and allows hair regrowth. One way to keep a happy scalp is to use hair growth serum. 

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Divi: The Brand

Social media influencer, Dani Austin, is the founder of the Divi hair care brand. She faced her own struggles with hair loss. Due to the pressures of social media and modern marketing to always look picture-perfect, many people cause major harm to their hair. The overuse of heat, bleach, and hair extensions is very harmful to the health of your hair. Dani’s struggles were no different.

Dani decided to be honest and share her struggles of hair loss with the world. She decided to avoid heat and bleach for over a year, trying to recover her damaged hair. As an influencer and fashionista, she still wanted to maintain her appearance. She decided to start wearing wigs. 

Wigs are a great way to give hair a rest and still look great. Dani Austin went to YouTube to teach others about wigs, wig accessories, and how to get fitted for a wig. Dani’s philanthropic heart led her to help even more people on their wig journey. She has sponsored several women getting personally fitted with wigs, ensuring that they receive high-end products. After all, you tend to get what you pay for in the wig industry. 

Divi Brand Hair Serum

Wigs didn’t become her identity and they weren’t the end of her hair journey. Dani used her year off from hair bleach and heat to focus on her scalp and hair health. She tried many supplements, vitamins, and hair treatments, but through her experiences, she decided to create a product to successfully meet her needs. Thus, the Divi brand was born.

On the brand’s website, Dani states, “I am creating Divi to be your guide to products and education on all the questions that naturally arise in your hair journey. We have so many big ideas in the works to meet you where you are at.” Through research, trial, and error, Dani, along with a team of researchers and scientists, formulated a special formula to stimulate hair regrowth. The brand's motto, “Rooting for us,” is true to the company’s heart. Dani Austin feels passionate about helping others on their hair journey. No matter the cause of hair loss, she believes in hair education and effective products to assist with hair growth. 

The Divi Brand offers many perks through “Club Divi.” Joining Club Divi gets you access to perks such as exclusive discounts and points towards dollars off of your purchase. Club Divi has also hosted several events for customers as a special treat. Divi even hosted a group “influencer trip” where real customers attended a sponsored trip to Cabo. Customers received “swag bags,” which included Divi Hair serum, snacks, makeup, skincare, and a few of Dani’s favorite clothing pieces. Guests on the trip also received complimentary dinners, spa treatments, and other fun team-building events.

The Divi brand has also made efforts to include men in their hair regrowth campaign. Beauty products and hair care are typically marketed towards women, but men deal with hair loss too and deserve solutions. Divi has hosted hair-related events for men to promote the use of their products for all genders.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, "The most common cause of hair loss in men, male pattern hair loss can begin early. Sometimes, it starts in your late teens or early twenties. Usually, it appears later. By 50 years of age, more than half of white men have a visible sign of male pattern hair loss like noticeable thinning, a receding hairline, or balding."

Dani Austin is building an amazing community with the Divi Brand. It's easy to see her passion and heart for others with the “family feeling” and goals for the company. Divi hair serum is a great start for the Divi brand.

How Divi Hair Serums Help Your Scalp

Divi hair serum is a clean-based and scientifically proven hair growth serum. It contains ingredients shown to boost scalp health and improve hair growth. Top ingredients include copper tripeptide 1, tea tree oil, rosemary leaf extract, caffeine, eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil, green tea extract, and menthol. Each of these ingredients contains properties to soothe the scalp, increase circulation, prevent buildup, and promote hair growth. Rosemary oil is a long-trusted ingredient for hair growth and has regained popularity as a Summer 2023 TikTok hair growth trend — and it's expert-approved!

A healthy scalp promotes hair health and regrowth. Take care of your scalp with Divi hair serum to start growing the hair you want.

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Divi Hair Serum Review

Divi hair serum is a “[l]ightweight Scalp Serum infused with a powerful blend of multiple amino acids and peptides to detox follicle buildup, support thicker hair, and encourage overall scalp health.” The serum is easy to use and perfect for daily use. The bottle has a very convenient dropper to get the product exactly where you want it. Many use the product all over their scalp, while some choose focused areas based on the needs of their hair.

When using the product, customers experience a refreshing tingling sensation paired with a relaxing scent thanks to a blend of tea tree, eucalyptus, and peppermint oils. These natural oils, along with caffeine and rosemary oil, nourish hair follicles and detoxify the build-up in your follicles. Apply the serum to wet or dry hair, and allow the product time to soak in for the full effect. It dries clear and doesn’t cause greasy or filmy feeling hair.

With the ever-popular use of products such as dry shampoo, users face an extreme amount of buildup on their hair. This is an easy fix for greasy hair and skipping washes, but dry shampoo negatively impacts your scalp. Other products such as hair serums with silicone, heavy conditioners, and even environmental conditions like pollution cause build-up on your scalp and hair shafts. This build-up blocks growth from your hair follicles and causes your hair shafts to be dry, dull, and unable to retain moisture from nourishing products.

Woman applying hair serum in her hair.

Does Divi Hair Serum Work? 

If you have spent any amount of time on the Divi Instagram page, Dani Austin’s page, the website, or many other Influencers, you have witnessed amazing responses to Divi hair serum. Customers have seen tremendous results and strides in their hair journey with the use of Divi hair serum.

Dani Austin’s mom, “Tornado” Anna Marie Austin, faced cancer in 2021. She experienced extreme hair loss due to chemotherapy. Through the use of Divi hair serum, her hair has come back. Another influencer, Daryl Ann Denner, has also shared her experience with hair thinning and hair loss. Daryl Ann has two children and has experienced post-partum hair issues. Through the use of Divi hair serum, the hair framing her face has begun to regrow. Such amazing reviews show that this product works for a wide variety of people.

Divi hair serum doesn't work its magic alone. You need to address the full picture of your hair's health to see the best results. Make sure you are receiving the proper nutrients needed to support your long-term goals. Divi lists foods such as fish, eggs, spinach, and avocado to be great superfoods in your diet. Getting enough water is also vital for your hair and scalp health.

There's no instant or magical cure for hair thinning or hair loss. Making a list of factors specific to your health is a great way to start planning for success in your hair journey. Getting enough water, eating a well-balanced diet, and using Divi hair serum are each important and effective tools for your routine. 

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Take Control of Your Hair Health

The Divi brand is a community for those who struggle with the effects of hair thinning and hair loss. They have created an effective product with natural ingredients — the Divi hair serum. The hair serum is a great addition to your self-care routine, it's easy to use, and it smells great. It targets dry scalp and scalp buildup while increasing blood simulation. Divi hair serum also aids in collagen production and has hair-lengthening and thickening properties, while curbing the chances of additional hair loss.

If you're struggling with hair loss or thinning hair, Divi hair serum is a great choice for you. The motto “Rooting for you” is a genuine and heartfelt cheer as you get back to great hair.  

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