How Does TNS Advanced Seurm Rejuvenate Skin?

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The growth factors and two-chamber method of SkinMedica’s TNS Advanced Serum, combined with the key active ingredients, shape this product into one of the most advanced skin rejuvenation products on the market.

We all want to age like a fine wine, getting better over time. Why not find a skin product that makes your skin look even better as you age?

SkinMedica TNS Advanced Serum is here to make your aging process, and skin, as smooth as possible. As your skin ages, you want a product that can go beyond the prevention of fine lines and coarse wrinkles, to truly rejuvenate your complexion. TNS Advanced Serum is the serum for you!

TNS Advanced+ Serum, 1 Oz

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The Basics

SkinMedica has put out several, unique skin care products to make your skin look smoother throughout the aging process. Each product has its own purpose and its own properties, all packaged in a sleek design.

The TNS Advanced Serum is SkinMedica’s most recent addition to their collection. This two-chambered method uses certain proteins to renew, regenerate, and repair skin. The serum is also used as a preventative and protective measure from some forms of skin disease. The serum is known to give progressive improvements over a short period of time.

So how exactly does TNS Advanced rejuvenate skin to create that youthful look? The serum uses proteins called growth factors and a series of key botanicals, releasing two creams from two different chambers to keep your skin twice as healthy and invigorated.


SkinMedica is a line of skin care that produces top-notch quality products. These products are medical-grade products, licensed to be sold in clinic-settings. Allergan, the owner of Botox, owns the SkinMedica brand as well.

SkinMedica products are medical grade and are not available to be purchased over the counter. This is because the active ingredients in the products are more potent than other products, with a higher concentration of the active ingredients. A list of ingredients for various products can be found on their website underneath the product description.

The SkinMedica line includes a wide variety of different products for different elements of skin rejuvenation. The best-selling products for anti-aging and skin rejuvenation include eye creams, neck creams, hydrators, and the top-notch SkinMedica product line: TNS.

TNS by SkinMedica

The TNS line by SkinMedica stands for Tissue Nutrient Solution. Tissue Nutrient Solution contains proteins, called growth factors. A growth factor is essentially a set of proteins, molecules providing structural support, that work together to affect cell growth. This cell growth contributes to healthy skin.

Unfortunately, age and other factors can detract from healthy skin and cause tissues to require some help when it comes to maintaining healthy skin. That is where TNS comes in.

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Factors Impacting Tissues Health

Upon aging, the rate that cells grow and reproduce is slowed. Cells are almost like little building blocks that put together the different parts of the human body, including the multiple tissue layers that make up our skin. When the growth rate is slowed, the tissues can become stiff and there is an increase in pigmentation, or discoloration, in our skin.

Additionally, the tissues in the skin can lose their elasticity, the ability to stretch and keep a nice tight, contoured shape. What happens is that the skin tissue loses some elastic tissues, and the collagen and elastin levels of the skin drop, causing your skin to develop fine lines, coarse wrinkles, and even become saggy.

Sagging skin tissues can also be caused by direct exposure to UV radiation, both UVA and UVB, coming from direct sunlight exposure. The UV exposure affects the collagen levels and can cause the skin to be less resilient to gravity. Yes, the gravity on Earth can cause your skin to sag.

In addition to the two main culprits of age and UV radiation, there are several other lifestyle choices and habits that can impact your skin health.

Do you smoke tobacco? Stop smoking. The smoking can prevent the cells in your skin tissue from getting the proper amount of oxygen. This can cause damage to the cells and, along with the many chemicals in the tobacco smoke, cause the skin to sag.

Nutrition and diet can impact your cell and tissue health, along with physical exercise. Antioxidants in food can create healthier skin. Some foods with natural antioxidants in them include wild blueberries, dark leafy greens, plums, various types of apples, pecans, and artichokes.

TNS Advanced+ Serum, 1 Oz

by SkinMedica 

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How TNS Can Enhance Tissue Health

As mentioned above, TNS has several growth factors in its composition. Growth factors are known to be crucial elements of the regeneration and repair of tissues. The growth factors in TNS are known to help the regeneration and repair of skin with fine lines, coarse wrinkles, and even sagging skin.

In a clinical study, TNS was measured to improve tissue health in sun damaged skin cells too. The skin tone’s evenness, texture, and even possible discoloration from the sun has been known to be improved by use of TNS, in addition to the sagging skin. If you have sagging skin because you’ve been enjoying one too many margaritas on the beach in the Bahamas, try TNS to regain some of the contour and shape to your skin!

Products Using TNS

There are several products carried by SkinMedica that are known to use TNS for skin rejuvenation. Two of the more basic products are TNS Eye Repair and the TNS Recovery Complex. The TNS Eye Repair is known for skin rejuvenation around the eyes, eliminating fine lines and coarse wrinkles. It can also eliminate dark circles in the area.

TNS Recovery Complex has a more general usage than the TNS Eye Repair. It is also used to reduce fine lines and coarse wrinkles, however it can also aid with the tone and texture of skin tissues.

The two main products that have been carried with TNS in place are the TNS Essential Serum and the TNS Advanced Serum. The SkinMedica TNS Essential Serum was created in 2008 and was discontinued recently, to be replaced by the SkinMedica TNS Advanced Serum.

TNS Essential impacts tissue with the strength of the SkinMedica TNS Recovery Complex with additional antioxidants, elements that are able to maintain balance in skin and tissue cells to prevent structural defects and skin disease.

SkinMedica TNS Eye Repair

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TNS Advanced Serum

Finally we have the TNS Advanced Serum, released in 2020 by SkinMedica, as the premier skin care product for skin rejuvenation. The TNS Advanced serum replaced the discontinued TNS Essential Serum and brought renewed life and energy to the formula and results. If you liked SkinMedica’s TNS Essential Serum, you’ll love the TNS Advanced Serum!


The SkinMedica TNS Advanced Serum is ideal for those whose skin may be suffering from several different effects of aging. If your skin has pigment discoloration, fine lines, coarse wrinkles, or sagging skin this TNS serum will be a great addition to your daily routine. If you’re experiencing all or just some of the symptoms mentioned above, you will be able to feel the effects of the serum.

Actor and singer Anna Kendrick is known to use SkinMedica products. As a good rule of thumb, if it's approved by Anna Kendrick it should be good enough for us all.


The TNS Advanced Serum by SkinMedica is known to rejuvenate skin by promoting skin cell renewal through the growth factors embedded into the TNS serum. This can create firmer, healthier-looking skin. The use of TNS MR and peptides can also help the skin renewal process.

While the Essential TNS serum made in 2008 mimics the TNS used in the Recovery Complex formula, the Advanced TNS serum impacts tissue through TNS MR. MR contains human fibroblast conditioned media, a specific blend of growth factors developed and patented by SkinMedica. TNS MR works toward disease prevention, in this case helping to prevent skin disease.

TNS Advanced also impacts the tissue through its wide range of peptides introduced into the serum. Peptides are little molecules that can be more easily absorbed than proteins and are known to make collagen. Collagen, specifically, is an element in the human body that can create firmer, more toned, and more youthful looking skin.

In addition to the TNS serum itself, the TNS Advanced Serum is released from 2 chambers holding different materials. The first chamber contains the TNS MR and the peptides. The second chamber holds, and releases, a mix of botanicals to support the processes activated by Chamber 1. Included in the botanicals are French Flax Seed for repair, Marine Extract for renewal, and Green Microalgae for collagen and elastin levels.


The TNS serum should be applied to the skin twice a day. This TNS Advanced Serum by SkinMedica is to be applied both in the morning and evening. It is important to note that the TNS serum should be applied after properly cleaning and toning the skin.


Apply the TNS Advanced Serum directly to the skin. This skin care product is meant to be applied to the entire face, however, direct contact with the eyes should be avoided. You may also apply the TNS serum to the neck and chest as well.


The benefits that SkinMedica provides with its TNS Advanced Serum are absolutely wonderful for your skin. Here’s why it works.

Overall, the TNS serum works with the peptides lifting sagging skin, smoothing fine lines, smoothing visible coarse wrinkles, evening the skin texture, and increasing the collagen levels of your skin tissue. All of these processes work together to form healthier, more youthful-looking skin.

The two chambers work together to give you the best of both worlds when it comes to your skin health. The TNS serum acts as a source of skin cell renewal or repair. It also acts as a pigment correcting serum. The botanicals are natural enhancers of the skin rejuvenating formula found in the serum.

Product Review

From the growth factors in the serum to the helpful botanicals in the other chamber, SkinMedica’s TNS Advanced Serum has many different ways that it rejuvenates your skin.

But is it worth it? Is it really something that you should be spending your money on? Is it really going to help you age like fine wine? Let’s take a look at the product, break it down, and really examine SkinMedica’s TNS Advanced Serum to determine if this is the right pick for you.

Key Benefits of SkinMedica’s TNS Advanced Serum

The TNS Advanced Serum is great for rejuvenating your skin. There are three main areas when it comes to skin rejuvenation, all of which are covered by the Advanced serum. The categories are: protection, repair, and regeneration.

TNS Advanced Serum, unlike its predecessor SkinMedica’s TNS Essential Serum, uses TNS MR. TNS MR uses specific growth factors that have been developed by SkinMedica and patented. The human fibroblast conditioned media in TNS MR are developed to protect the skin from sun damage and other diseases that may occur in skin tissue.

The protective nature of the TNS MR is a great way to work on preventing damage from occurring in skin, however, the best way to protect the skin from the initial UV radiation. If you are investing in SkinMedica’s TNS Advanced Serum for its protective TNS MR, try also investing in the SkinMedica Broad Spectrum SPF Sunscreen.

When it comes to repair, TNS Advanced Serum is at the top of its class. The growth factors alone in the TNS MR serum are a key benefit in the Advanced serum. The French flax seed adds on to serum’s ability to repair skin damage. This repair smooths any fine lines, smoothes visible coarse wrinkles, evens out the texture of your skin, and lifts sagging skin.

Combining the unique TNS MR with the natural abilities of flaxseed gives you the best of both worlds. The Advanced TNS Serum gives you the medical-grade cosmetic world through the unique blend of growth factors as well as the natural feeling of natural ingredients.

Finally, with regards to the regeneration process, the peptides that are broken down and absorbed throughout the skin’s renewal process are crucial for regeneration. The collagen and elastin levels that are produced through the peptides in the TNS Advanced Serum make the skin’s renewal process smoother, as well as the skin itself.

With the different ways that the TNS Advanced Serum emphasizes protection, repair, and regeneration the serum is a great investment for you if you are looking to rejuvenate your skin.

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Is the Price Worth It?

One thing that may stick out to you about the TNS Advanced Serum is the price. The price of the serum is relatively expensive for a skin care product. However, when you examine all the benefits of the serum and what exactly it does to rejuvenate your skin you will find that the price becomes equal to the payout from the serum.

Do you have sagging skin? TNS Advanced can lift it. Do you have fine lines or coarse wrinkles? TNS Advanced can smooth them. Do you have blotchy or hyperpigmented skin from sun damage? TNS Advanced can do the work for you.

Supporting the TNS Advanced Serum

While the TNS Advanced Serum is a great serum in and of itself, SkinMedica offers some other products that will greatly assist your skin rejuvenation process and can be used in addition to the TNS Advanced Serum.

SkinMedica offers moisturizers like the HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator and the Dermal Repair Cream. The hydrator is known to help support moisture retainment by your skin. The Dermal Repair Cream actually has been known to prevent the loss of moisture. Hydrated equals healthy! So keep hydrating your skin with these two products to help the TNS serum’s ability to smooth fine lines and coarse wrinkles.

SkinMedica also offers a specific pigment correcting serum, entitled Lytera 2.0 Pigment Correcting Serum. This can be helpful in addressing skin discoloration from sun damage. The specific pigment correcting serum is known to enhance the effects of the growth factors in the TNS serum.

To help the repair of your skin, SkinMedica can provide you with a Neck Correct Cream. The Neck Correct Cream is specific for the skin around the neck. It can lift, firm, and smooth the skin on and around your neck to create a younger, healthier appearance.

Neck Correct Cream, 2 oz.
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Final Thoughts

Finding a skin care product that does the job can be tough. There are plenty of products that advertise great uses, but how many of those products have the science to back it up?

SkinMedica’s TNS Advanced Serum does! SkinMedica, as a company, has some great products for the skin but the TNS Advanced Serum is one of the best. It has a special concoction of proteins to help repair and protect your skin. It has other little protein-like elements that help in skin generation. It has botanicals to help with all of the above.

For skin rejuvenation, look no further than SkinMedica’s TNS Advanced Serum!

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