NuFace Review: Is It Worth the Money?

NuFACE Microcurrent Facial Toning Device

NuFace Review: Is It Worth the Money? 

As I grow older, I find myself constantly not only judging myself in the mirror, but I've also sadly begun comparing myself to the more youthful group of beautiful ladies around me. My wrinkles first started to form some odd ten years ago and I have used everything to try to get my old skin back. Unfortunately, there has been little success. I was seriously debating on getting a few Botox injections just to, ya know, bring me back to life. Alas, my bank account felt differently.

In all of my insecurities, I started searching away on the internet for the best runners-up to Botox and facelifts. I quickly realized how many different skincare routines, devices, and products were on the market. Some good, some unbelievable not good and then I came across Nuface skincare products, and just like you're probably feeling right now (why else would you be reading this article) I was a bit skeptical at first. So, take a look at this detailed review and see if it was right for me and if it'll be right for you.

NuFace Skin Care Products – Where Did They Start?

Microcurrent Technology

The first question that needs to be asked is What is Microcurrent Technology? Have you ever heard of electromagnetic therapy? Well. . . it's kind of like that. . . except WAY less intense and focused only on your face, neck, and other parts of the skin. Don't worry there will be no direct effect on your brain.

Basically, Microcurrent Technology uses is super low-level electrical currents to treat different parts of the skin. Its main objective is to firm, tone, and lift sagging facial muscles back to their initial position.

Now that definitely sounds a little bit unrealistic, am I right? Well, Microcurrent technology was actually first used for medical purposes dating back to the 1960s. The initial plan for a microcurrent facial device was to treat patients who suffered face alterations due to muscle conditions; bell's palsy, stroke, facial paralysis, etc.

The idea that this is such a talked about and long used technology makes it a bit less intimidating when looking into spending quite a chunk of change on it. Let's look at a specific brand that seems to have taken the step of bringing Microcurrent Therapy directly into your home.

NuFace Skin Care – Does It Actually Work?

The main problem with microcurrent technology is the lack of actual viable research. Making the outcome difficult to predict. As stated before microcurrent treatment has been used after a variety of medical procedures and conditions to reduce scarring and muscle abnormalities. Due to the different effects of this treatment on different people, it can really be a hit or a miss with the NuFace microcurrent facial toning device.

According to Dr. Daniel Knott in an interview with CNN microcurrent technology focuses on the muscles, not necessarily the skin. Therefore, while it may feel extremely good to give your face this nice little workout, the actual skincare aspect might be a bit unrealistic:

"I'm not aware of electro-stim doing anything to the skin, the dermis, the fat. I would only think it would help the muscles," he said. "I would be skeptical of it doing anything except improving muscle tone." – Dr. Daniel Knott – interview with CNN

Although tightening facial muscles can indeed improve facial tone, it isn't quite as likely to completely take away wrinkles. Our dermatologists have informed us that in order to change the outlay of skin and wrinkles it would logically take much longer than just a 5-minute facial per day. With that said, consistently using these products as your primary skincare tool for years might have an effect.

Therefore, if NuFace really works, highly depends on one's skin and dedication to the frequent use of the NuFace the anti aging device of their choosing. With years of persistent use, the gentle microcurrent technology might really have a huge impact on one's facial contour. In that case, the best test and research that can be provided is one's own experience.

Do NuFace Products Promise Long-Lasting Results?

The answer to this question solely relies on the person using the percussive therapy. Sticking to all of the recommended skincare devices of NuFace should be at the top of one's list if expecting long-lasting results. Remember, nothing in life is promised. 

After receiving the NuFace products an instruction card will be provided to users one can also find detailed instructions directly at the NuFace website. This link will give you an outweigh of the different treatments that each device is recommended for. Our dermatologists believe that following the instructions and being consistent are the most important aspects of seeing and maintaining positive results.

A Breakdown of the Different Microcurrent Treatment Options:

1. NuFace FIX Instant Line Smoothing Treatment 

Using the NuFace Fix Duo complete this 3-minute facial treatment, up to 2 times a day. By using the “feathering technique” users will easily be able to complete this treatment and add it to their skincare routine. Perfect for those of us who have little time in the morning or night and want to see results on small wrinkles and fine lines. See the proper instructions and techniques for this microcurrent treatment here.

2. Lip Flick Treatment

Not only do the NuFace skin care products offer the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, but also fuller lips! Using the same NuFace Fix Duo device as the Line Smoothing Treatment, feather your way to plump and full lips! Again, use the device 2 times a day 5 days a week, for 60 days.

Easy enough, after completing the line smoothing treatment, move right on down to those beautiful lips for a total time of just 3 minutes. 

Watch this video for an in-depth description of the proper use of this microcurrent treatment. 

3. Trinity Wrinkle Reducer Treatment

A bit longer treatment, the Trinity Wrinkle Reducer is said to be able to treat up to seven different areas of the face during one treatment. Unlike the NuFace Fix Duo, this treatment takes a total time of 21 minutes and its instructed use is 5 days per week for the first 60 days. Seems like a big commitment, am I right? According to customer reviews though it has been said that results are seen within this time. Remember, it all depends on the skin and the consistency of the use of the products. After the first 60 days, users will want to continue to complete the treatment 2-3 days per week! This way the results won’t be lost. 

Check out this video to make sure that the treatment is done correctly for the best results. 

4. Targeted Eye & Lip Treatment

Another quick treatment that is said to improve both crow’s feet and smile lines. Only spending 3-8 minutes per day using this again, 5 days per week for the first 60 days. Seeing results after the first 60 days users will want to continue to use the product and treatment 2-3 days per week specifically to keep those results. 

This treatment uses the NuFace wrinkle reducer with the Trinity ELE attachment. Which can all be purchased together through Amazon with this NuFace Trinity Starter Kit – Facial Toning Device

Watch the full-length video to make sure that the device is being used correctly and that users are maximizing the fullest possible results. 

5. Advanced 15-Minute Facial-Lift

This has been one of my absolute favorite microcurrent facial treatments. It honestly feels so good, I haven’t quite finished my first 60 days but I have absolutely fallen in love with the feeling of this facial. It’s easy enough for anyone to do, it beeps when it’s time to switch to the next facial area, allowing users to just enjoy and listen. 

This treatment is a bit longer than some of the others, coming in a close second to the Trinity Wrinkle Reducer at 15 minutes. Using the correct gel products with this device is super important (see below)! Having an easy glide along the skin will make it that much more enjoyable. 

Watch this video, again for the proper use and instructions. 

6. 5-Minute Facial Lift

Last, but certainly not least, the 5-minute facial lift is another one that users will quickly fall in love with. Taking up much less time than the Advanced 15 Minute Facial, this is for those quick mornings and nights. Using the NuFace Trinity device users will simply slide around the face for 5 minutes. 

As we've said before, consistency is key. Consistency is really key to any and all skincare routines. In our many years of trying to perfect our skin, I'm sure we've all come to understand this fun fact. With the NuFace devices, the #1 most important key point to take away is that these products should be used as directed. Which is for 5 days a week during the first 60 days and then 2-3 times per week after that in order to keep results! 

NuFace Skin Care Products – What Are They?

NuFace skin care products are primarily used for facial toning, firming, and lifting. Although we strongly believe that everyone is absolutely gorgeous, there's nothing wrong with giving that facial muscle a little workout!

Nuface offers a variety of different treatment options and devices. Providing users with a beauty tool focusing on a variety of parts of the body. Here are a few of them:

Nuface Skin Care Products – 6 Best Sellers

1. Aqua Gel Activator

Infused with Ionplex (guides electro currents to a level of comfort and efficacy) and Hyaluronic acid this skin activator will not only leave dry skin feeling hydrating but also support the microcurrent technology in erasing fine lines and wrinkles.

Cost: $29.00

2. Silk Cream Activator

Filled with Ionplex technology this activator comes with a wider variety of ingredients compared to the Aqua Gel Activator. Along with the Ionplex Technology the Silk cream brings users the following:

  • Phyto Actives – Promote neocollagenesis which essentially stimulates collagen growth as well know Collagen is extremely important when using any anti-aging device.

  • African Leaf Juice – Another collagen promoter.

  • Time-Release Blend – Using a variety of flower extracts to promote an even and radiant skin tone.

Cost: $49.00

3. NuFace Clean Sweep Applicator

Designed with the consumer in mind, this brush is also a necessity when one is using these products. Not only is application much smoother and easier with this beauty tool but it will also keep users from overusing or indulging in skincare products.


4. Optimizing Mist

This aloe vera-infused mist will keep skin hydrated and can easily be carried around all day. Spraying whenever skin begins to feel dehydrated. During the microcurrent treatment, the Optimizing Mist can be used to keep skin moist when/if the conductive gel starts to dry out.


5. Super Peptide Booster Serum

This Peptide booster serum will feel absolutely amazing before, after, or during the microcurrent therapy. Honest, IT FEELS SO GOOD. I normally use it after to leave my skin extra hydrated. Giving my facial muscles that soothing feeling they've been begging for all day.


6. NuFace Fix Serum

Last, but certainly not least, is the NuFace Fix Serum. This gentle serum will enhance an essential fix for your fine lines and wrinkles throughout the face. It is a perfect skincare product to apply around the eyes because it is so gentle. Also, use it around the lip and on the forehead to thin out any unwanting lines and watch over time as they disappear with the treatment.


The NuFace Skin Care products have been raved about online and in Aestheticians' offices for years. I have used these products and can seriously say they feel absolutely amazing. Being more on the pricey side is sometimes a bit of a turn-off to new customers, but it's easy to spend just as much on other creams and moisturizers that won't add up to the same results as NuFace.

Our Experts Suggest:

Starting a new skincare routine and forking up hundred of dollars can be a seriously daunting task. This is why our experts have suggested a few products and kits that will give users a more confident buying experience. The following products were suggested by our dermatology experts:

Hydrating Leave-on Gel Primer, 10 Fl Oz.

by NuFACE 

Buy Now
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NuFace Gel Primer

This new and enhanced gel has proven to be less sticky and overall a better experience with a NuFace Device. Generally more liked by a variety of users, although it has a high price tag, the overall experience will be more enjoyable with this product.

Trinity Starter Kit - Facial Toning Device

by NuFACE 

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NuFace Trinity Starter Kit

This kit can be seen above with the different treatment options. The kit starts users out with confidence and the ability to complete all of the facial treatments that seem attractive to them. Leaving total decision and facial timing in your court.

FIX Starter Kit

by NuFACE 

Buy Now
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/07/2024 05:38 pm GMT

NuFace Fix Starter Kit

The NuFace Fix starter kit comes with everything users need to know when using the feathering technique and all other small lines and wrinkle-focused areas.


Overall, NuFace Facial treatment has been positively reviewed by users. To be honest, for me, it's too early to give an honest review on whether or not results can be seen. With that being said, I wouldn't trade the feeling of these facials for anything. Not only does my face feel tighter it just feels good to take care of my skin. Using skin care products that definitely took a big chunk out of my wallet has helped me stay consistent with this new self-care outlook. 

On that note, is NuFace really worth the money? Thinking about the amount of money I've spent on skincare products over the years, I would say yes, but for some people, that's just not the case. I think there are a few things that users should weigh out before deciding to purchase these products.

1. Is this amount of money in your skincare budget?

Skincare definitely has a budget of its own. Creating this budget and seriously thinking about logically how much you can spend, will be super beneficial to making a confident decision. 

2. Can you seriously and undoubtedly stick to a consistent skincare routine?

Skincare is so reliant on a proper and consistent routine that if you aren't able to stick to that, spending such a large amount of money on products probably isn't worth it for you. I personally spend this much time BECAUSE I spent so much money, will you feel that same motivation?

3. Will you enjoy using the products?

Will you enjoy them or will they just become a hassle? Self-care should never be a hassle. It has to be something you really enjoy and that genuinely feels good. Especially when spending so much money. 

Watching the videos linked in this article will help users to decide if they could see themselves keeping up with this skincare routine. No skincare routine is easy, but consistency with the NuFace skin care products should be at the top of the list.

Now to demolish some preconceived notions about the product. When first deciding to use this product, I seriously thought in my head it was going to immediately give me results of an $8,000 face life. HAHA. I was sadly mistaken. Which is OK. Don't expect to spend $500 on facial products and get an $8,000 result. Facelifts are completely different and users definitely can't go in thinking that's going to be the outcome.

With that in mind, weighing the above 3 questions might help you determine if using the microcurrent device will give a result that one can be happy with. Whether users have sensitive skin, sagging skin, or just overall aged skin, these skin care tools feel good. Over time, users might honestly, really see a difference. If not though, that's okay, because spending money on self-care usually isn't an actual waste. 

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