The Best Hair Serums for Dry Hair: Reviews and Buying Guide

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Key Points

  • Dry hair occurs because of genetics, scalp sebum, diet, styling habits, environmental factors, or the structure of your hair shaft.

  • Prevent dry hair or improve your hair by avoiding heating tools, using the right shampoo and conditioner, getting regular trims, and incorporating a hair serum into your routine.

  • Ingredients like argan oil, coconut oil, shea butter, and honey absorb into your hair to provide moisture and seal your cuticle.

  • Apply a bit of hair serum for dry hair every day when your hair is damp, starting at the ends and working up to mid-shaft.

Don't leave your hair sad, dry, and frizzy. Nourish and moisturize your hair with these incredible serums to lock in moisture and prevent more damage.

Challenges of Dry Hair

Dry hair is a common hair problem that affects people of all ages. It's caused by a lack of moisture in the hair shaft, making it look dull, frizzy, and unmanageable.

It's more challenging to detangle dry hair, which can be painful and frustrating as you try to run a brush or comb through it. When hair lacks moisture, it's more prone to breakage because it's not as strong as healthy hair. This is incredibly challenging if you have long hair, as it makes your hair look shorter and thinner. Fragile, dry hair develops split ends much faster.

If your hair is already dry, it's more prone to damage from heat styling, coloring, and other environmental factors. This makes dry hair even more dehydrated, and your hair is likely visibly unhealthy and damaged. Additionally, dry hair doesn't hold color as effectively as healthy hair due to the porous cuticle.

It's more difficult to style dry hair because it doesn't hold shape as easily as healthy hair. It's frustrating when you try to style your hair differently, but your hair doesn't stay put. Dry hair is also more prone to static electricity, which makes it appear puffy and unkempt.

What Causes Dry Hair?

The biological and scientific reasons for dry hair aren't fully understood. However, it's thought that the lack of moisture in the hair shaft is due to a combination of factors, including:

  • Production of sebum: Sebum is an oily substance produced by the sebaceous glands in the scalp. Sebum helps to keep hair moisturized. However, people with dry hair often produce less sebum, leading to dryness.

  • Structure of the hair shaft: The hair shaft has three layers: the cuticle, the cortex, and the medulla. The cuticle is the outermost layer that protects the hair from moisture loss. In people with dry hair, the cuticle is likely damaged or missing, which can make the hair more prone to dryness and damage.

  • Environmental factors: The environment can also play a role in dry hair. Dry weather, hot water, and exposure to the sun or wind can all strip moisture from your hair.

  • Genetics: Some people are simply more prone to dry hair than others.

  • Hormonal changes: Hormonal changes, such as those that occur during pregnancy or menopause, can cause dry hair.

  • Medical conditions: Some medical conditions, such as thyroid problems and diabetes, can also lead to dry hair.

  • Diet: A diet low in protein or essential fatty acids can contribute to dry hair.

  • Styling habits: Excessive heat styling, coloring, and bleaching dry out hair.

Managing Dryness

If you have dry hair, there are several things you can do to manage it. Try the following tips to give your hair the moisturize it deserves:

  • Use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner: Look for products specifically for dry hair. These products add moisture to the hair and make it easier to manage.

  • Avoid using hot water when washing your hair: Hot water strips moisture from hair, so it's best to use warm or cool water instead.

  • Use a leave-in conditioner: A leave-in conditioner keeps your hair moisturized throughout the day.

  • Avoid heat styling your hair: Heat styling can damage your hair and make it more dry. If you use heat styling tools, apply a heat protectant first.

  • Get regular trims: Regular trims help to remove split ends and damaged hair, avoiding further damage and tangles.

  • Eat a healthy diet: A diet rich in protein and essential fatty acids helps keep your hair healthy and moisturized.

  • Hair serum: Hair serums nourish the hair and coat the cuticle to lock in the moisture. These serums also control frizz and protect hair from heat exposure.

Utilize a Dry Hair Serum

Hair serum is a lightweight styling product that adds moisture, shine, and protection. Moisturizing hair serums contain ingredients such as oils, butter, and humectants. This combination of ingredients coats the hair shaft and prevents moisture loss.

The cuticle is the outermost layer of the hair shaft, made up of overlapping scales that protect the hair from damage. When the cuticle is damaged, it can make the hair dry and frizzy. Hair serum smooths the cuticle and makes the hair healthier and appear shinier, reducing the inevitable frizz of dry hair while protecting it.

Heat styling is harmful to dry hair. Heat damages dry hair even more severely than it does healthy hair. Hair serum protects the hair from heat damage by creating a barrier between the hair and the heat styling tool.

Choosing the Right Serum

There are countless kinds of hair serum available on the market, such as those for volume, balanced color hues, combating frizz, promoting growth, and more. Check out The Ordinary Hair Serum and Divi Hair Serum to encourage hair growth.

If you need to combat dry hair, look for serums formulated specifically to treat dry hair. Consider these additional factors when choosing a dry hair serum.

Hair Type

If you have fine hair, you'll need a lightweight serum that doesn't weigh your hair down. Look for serums labeled as "weightless" or "oil-free." You may need a heavier serum that provides more moisture for thick or coarse hair. Look for serums labeled as "rich" or "intense."

If your hair is color-treated, look for serums formulated for color-treated hair. These serums will protect your hair color from fading while providing the necessary nourishment.


Looking for the "for dry hair" label is a great place to start when selecting a hair serum. Take it a step further and learn which ingredients are most beneficial; look for some of these ingredients or other nourishing oils and butters when picking the right dry hair serum.

  • Argan oil: This natural oil contains antioxidants and fatty acids. It's very moisturizing and can improve the condition of dry hair.

  • Coconut oil: Another natural oil rich in fatty acids, coconut oil has moisturizing properties that protect the hair from damage.

  • Shea butter: It's natural and rich in fatty acids and vitamins. Shea butter's moisturizing properties smooth the hair shaft and reduce frizz.

  • Honey: This natural humectant attracts moisture to the hair. It's also antibacterial and protects the hair from damage.

  • Hydrolyzed proteins: These proteins are broken down into smaller molecules. They repair damaged hair to make it stronger and more resilient.

Top 5 Serums for Dry Hair

Skip the guesswork and pick one of these top five hair serums for dry hair. They're already tested and approved by the pros.

Botanical Repair Strengthening Overnight Serum
$37.55 ($11.04 / Fl Oz)

by Aveda 

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03/07/2024 10:40 am GMT

Aveda Botanical Repair Strengthening Overnight Serum

Aveda Botanical Repair Strengthening Overnight Serum is lightweight and non-greasy, making it a good choice for all hair types. It's also free of sulfates, parabens, and phthalates. This serum penetrates the cuticle and creates bonds within the hair to repair split ends and prevent future breakage.

Apply this magical formula to dry hair from mid-shaft to ends before bed. Leave it in overnight to give it a chance to fully absorb into your hair. Wake up with amazingly nourished hair, and no need to wash it!

Ashita Supreme Strengthening Leave-In Treatment

by Shu Uemura 

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Shu Uemura Ashita Supreme Strengthening Leave-In Treatment

The Shu Uemura Ashita Supreme Strengthening Leave-In Treatment provides an impressive boost of moisture that soaks deep into your hair. This serum contains an extract from the ashitaba plant, cherished for its cell-regenerating properties. It's the perfect choice for people with a balayage or bleached look. Rock a bouncy and moisturized head of hair with this supreme serum.

In July 2023, an Amazon reviewer said, "It is amazing. [You] only need a little, so this size bottle would last a while. I find it to be a wonderful product of my colored hair. I have even used [it] when [my] hair was dry to tame [fly-aways]. Makes hair look soft and healthy."

Natural Milk Anti-Frizz Leave-In Nourishing Treatment
$44.00 ($12.94 / Fl Oz)

by Reverie

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03/08/2024 04:42 pm GMT

Reverie Milk Anti-Frizz Leave-In Nourishment Treatment

According to expert hairstylist and Arey co-founder Jay Small, "The best hair serum for dry hair is the Reverie Milk Anti-Frizz Leave-In Nourishing Treatment. Typically, serums sit on the exterior surface of the hair strand, leaving a build-up on the hair, but this product works well to help retain moisture."

A beautiful blend of 16 essential oils creates a serum that smooths out the cuticle and locks in moisture. It actively repairs hair so you avoid flyaways and frizz in the future. Apply this non-greasy product to damp or dry hair several times a day if you wish. Start with just one pump once a day if you have curly hair, as this serum could weigh down your locks.

Original Hair Cleanser
$54.00 ($6.75 / Fl Oz)

by New Wash 

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03/06/2024 05:18 pm GMT

Hairstory Hair Oil

Treat your dry, dull hair to extraordinary nourishment with Hairstory Hair Oil. This beautiful serum has argan oil, evening primrose oil, and jojoba oil to moisturize your hair and coat the cuticle. It's also a sustainable choice, as Hairstory provides a glass bottle and refills.

Regardless of your hair type or texture, this serum will bring some life back to your dry hair. However, be careful not to use too much as it could leave you a bit greasy.

Advanced Haircare Total Repair
$17.75 ($5.22 / Fl Oz)

by L'Oreal Paris 

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03/08/2024 04:47 pm GMT

L'Oréal Paris Extraordinary Oil

Nourish your dry hair straight from your local drug store with a classic, reliable hair serum: L'Oréal Paris Extraordinary Oil. It contains a combination of lotus, sunflower, tiare, chamomile, flax, and rose extracts to deeply moisturize your hair.

This serum is suitable for all hair types, leaving you smooth, frizz-free, and so soft. Use it overnight as a mask for dry hair, after you wash for a boost of nourishment, and before you style with heat to protect your precious locks.

Moisturize Those Locks

Finding the right hair serum for your dry hair can make all the difference in nourishing and transforming your locks. Understand the challenges and causes of dry hair to prevent further damage. Then, implement the proper hair care routine and products to achieve healthy, moisturized, and manageable hair.

Don't let dryness hold you back from having the hair of your dreams! Explore the magic of hair serums for dry hair to transform the health and appearance of your mane.

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