Why Everyone Needs A Rose Quartz Roller to Help Combat Aging

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Facial rollers have been taking the internet by storm. There've been new videos all over social media about how important it is to incorporate these products into one's skincare routine. As our experts were researching these facial rollers, they realized the number of different ideas that go along with the outcomes. It's apparent how many different types of rollers are out on the market, which could be what led you here. It can be a little bit overwhelming.

Incorporating something like this into a skincare routine can come with a variety of benefits. Making it almost an essential self-care tool rather than a necessary tool, but then again, shouldn't all skincare products be focused on self-care?

We're here to share with you all the information our experts could possibly put together to get you up-to-date on everything you need to know about the rose quartz face roller and if it's actually something that everyone really needs.

Follow along with us through this detailed overview of rose quartz rollers and why everyone should have one! From the very beginning, straight into your home, we're bringing you everything you need to know.

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What Is Rose Quartz?

Alright, let's take a moment to get a little spiritual and a little nerdy about history. Throughout history, our own ancestors and ancestors of different cultures around the world have found natural healing elements in different stones and special natural earth pieces. There's no surprise that rose quartz is one of those special healing stones. This beautiful quartz crystal stone is gentle and directly connected with the heart chakra (more on that next). The connection of this crystal and the heart chakra brings crystal roller users a few different self connections:

  • Find self-love

  • Find and connect with different forms of intimacy and compassion

  • Heal wounds that may still be open on the heart from past trauma

Over time, these stones have been used to focus energy from the self to the heart chakra. Helping users to find the love deep inside themselves and also heal the love that may have been wounded. According to moonmagic, rose quartz offers the following:

"Rose quartz like its blushing pink hue is tied to gentleness, soothing energy, and love. Forward as a beauty treatment by the Egyptian goddess Isis, and used by modern energetic practitioners, this humble pink crystal is more than meets the eye."

With that being said, we can understand why bringing something so simple into our daily routine can have a serious impact on our overall well-being. Any extra connection is known to help bring us more inner peace throughout the day. Knowing the history and Shakra connection behind what we do is important for receiving, feeling, and understanding.

A Little History

Throughout history, this stone has been constantly used for different ideas, beliefs, and systems. A variety of cultures around the world found this beautiful stone and had a connection to it. Some used it for fame or to show ownership, while others felt connected at a deeper level. Then again, some believed the same ideas that we may have in the current day. As this is a connection to skincare, it's important to note that the Egyptians actually believed this stone could prevent aging! Hmmm. . . kinda strange isn't it? After all those years, we're bringing it back with the same beliefs. The only difference now, we understand the science behind it. Keep reading to learn more about that science and the actual effect this roller has on aging.

What is the Rose Quartz Face Roller?

The rose quartz roller was first used in Ancient China. This ancient Chinese medicine was primarily used to improve the overall look and feel of the skin. Continuing to be used over time, this face roller has made its way all over the world. The main idea of face rolling with the rose quartz face roller is to support lymphatic drainage and reduce the look of facial puffiness. With that being said, we can also relate to the earlier mentioned healing properties that come with the stone.

Therefore, the rose quartz face roller is super easy to describe. It's literally just a stone that's been manufactured specifically for use in face rolling. Remember, when shopping, it's important to make sure that the stone is made out of 100% rose quartz, otherwise, the crystal healing of the product isn't there, and really, you'll just be giving yourself a nice facial massage.

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What's the Point of Incorporating Rose Quartz Into Daily Life?

There is actually an important point of how the rose quart facial roller ends up affecting your skin. Working the facial muscles with fingers has been known to kick-start the skin's reactions and overall activeness. Let's take a look at the different benefits that are said to come with facial rolling and how true they actually are:

Rose Quartz Rollers We Love

Helps Activate the Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system is basically the body's natural way of fighting off bacteria, viruses, and anything that's not supposed to be there. In the face, the idea is that activating the lymphatic system will help dull fine lines and reduce puffiness. There's limited research on whether or not this is actually a realistic method, but it doesn't hurt to see for yourself. By activating the facial lymphatic system, you’re essentially creating more circulation which, in turn, may reduce the look of puffiness and pore size.

Diminishes the Appearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles

The thing about using these tools to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is that either you spend a ton of time doing that or you don't see results. Imagine ironing out wrinkles in clothes with a cold iron, now picture doing that to your skin! It would take an extremely long time for this to actually work. Therefore, if your only expected outcome is to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles maybe this isn't the best option unless you also plan to invest a significant amount of time into it.

Brightening Skin Tone

This is done by activating those facial lymphatic areas, which reduces the blood vessels, leaving users with not only a brighter skin tone, but also minimized pores.

Reducing Puffiness

Reducing puffiness seems to be a big to-do when incorporating quartz face rollers into a skincare routine. This is something that has definitely been shown to be true. Whether it's something momentary or that actually sticks over time, we're still not completely sure. One thing to note is that the natural coldness of the rollers could have an effect on making the face a bit less puffy!

It's also important to make sure that you're using the right rolling techniques in order to get the most out of your quartz roller. Without using proper techniques, you're really just giving a facial massage with no direction.

There are many benefits that come out when using this facial roller, but it's important to realize that they don't happen for everyone. All skin types are different.

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Can It Prevent Aging?

Well, unfortunately, aging is inevitable. Therefore, it can't necessarily prevent it, but it might be in the running to help minimize the look of aging skin. How, exactly?

First off, let's think back to the first part of this article. Remember? The rose quartz stone is directly related to the heart chakra, which in turn spreads and attracts love throughout the mind and body. One non-scientific way of looking at this facial roller affecting aging skin is to eliminate toxins and stress that have been built up throughout the day by ending your day with a facial massage. It's sort of like a little meditation before bed.

With that being said, the actual scientific side of the rose quartz roller is based on bringing oxygen back into the skin. By encouraging microcirculation when massaging the face with the roller, you're encouraging the blood to circulate throughout the face, providing more oxygen. This makes the skin more relaxed and feeling tighter.

Can It Help With Acne?

As previously stated, using the rose quartz roller can help to increase the blood flow throughout the area being massaged. With that in mind, it can also reduce puffiness and brighten skin. This may have an effect on the severity of acne, hopefully calming it down. There's no evidence of face rolling getting rid of acne altogether, but it might reduce the look and redness.

Be careful what facial oil is used with the roller as this may have a negative effect on acne. Tea tree oil has been used for centuries to fight against acne. With its natural antioxidant properties, it would be a good oil to use with a quartz roller to penetrate deep into the skin. Just remember to use a carrier oil with essential oils because they can be a bit harsh on the skin when used alone.

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How to Use It?

Using the rose quartz face roller is one of the most important aspects of seeing results. Therefore, pay close attention to these next few steps. If it's not used properly then there's actually not any circulation starting and the entire process isn't really accomplishing anything except, maybe feeling good.

Step 1: First things first, completely wash all makeup and toxins from the face. Starting with clean skin is important as you'll be reaching deep into the skin. Penetrating toxins, bacteria, and makeup into the skin won't be beneficial.

Step 2: The second step is to apply facial oil. Using a simple facial oil like rosehip can work well with your facial rollers. This simple oil will help to lubricate the face for easy and happy rolling.

Step 3: Begin rolling! Before you begin though, we suggest watching a video so you can see how it's done.

Step 4: Continue rolling using these techniques until the facial oil you've chosen to use is completely absorbed into the skin. If it feels good, and you're enjoying it, KEEP GOING. Remember, the crystal healing properties found in your roller are found to be just as beneficial as the rolling techniques themselves.

Step 5: It's important not to skip this step. Remember that your rose quartz roller has a valuable and 100% real stone. This means taking care of it is essential. After the facial massage, use a damp cloth to clean the roller before putting it away.

Which Oils To Use?

Knowing which oils to use with your facial roller can be a bit of a daunting task. Choosing the best oil to benefit your skin is important because when using the roller you’re essentially evenly coating the entire face with the oil. This is difficult to do with hands or fingers. It’s also helping to penetrate the oil deep into the skin. Previously, we recommended the use of rosehip oil and here’s why:

Rosehip oil is filled with a variety of properties that are beneficial to the skin. First and foremost is the moisturization factor. rosehip oil is also known for its natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Tea Tree oil is known for calming redness, swelling, and inflammation. Using this product on the skin during a facial rolling massage can be beneficial to those of us dealing with inflamed, irritated skin or pesky acne.

Sunflower Seed oil is another recommended oil. Filled with plenty of vitamins and fatty acids, this oil will protect and feed the skin.

Hyaluronic acid is another option to apply before using any facial roller. This alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) is important for deep exfoliation and penetration of the skin. Coming packed with a variety of benefits. This acid is usually found as a serum rather than an oil.

Users can also do their own research about the different oil options out there. It’s important to know your skin type and skin conditions in order to get the oil that'll be most beneficial to you.

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Rose Quartz Rollers We Love

Too Many Face Rolling Options . . . Help!

If you've started searching for the right rolling tool, you've probably come across a few different types of facial rollers, which can be a little overwhelming and confusing on which is the right choice for you. The two main facial rollers our experts found on the market are the jade roller and the rose quartz roller. Both of these are relatively beneficial to the skin, as a facial massage with either activates the face.

Here are a few things to look out for when deciding which is best for you:

  • Temperature: The jade roller doesn't tend to stay as cool as the rose quartz roller. Therefore, if you love that cooling sensation in the morning or after a long day of work, the rose quartz is probably a better choice.

  • Strength: Identifying the type of rock being used is important before purchasing. The jade rock is known to be a softer rock than the rose quartz. Taking that into consideration is important as the rock is more delicate. This could in turn mean more wear and tear more quickly.

  • Spiritual Properties: For us, spiritual avid face rollers, the crystal healing properties of the stones, are super important. Knowing these properties and using the correct one comes before anything else. Both rose quartz and jade are connected with the heart chakra but in different ways. While the rose quartz is unconditional love and brings healing to our hearts, jade focuses on stress, anxiety, and bringing luck.

Honestly, using these three aspects to determine which is best for you should be enough to make your decision. For me, the obvious answer is the rose quartz as the cooling feeling is hard to find elsewhere, the strength makes it last longer, and the spiritual properties hit differently.

Crystal rose quartz facial roller and Gua sha stone for beauty facial massage therapy


In conclusion, rose quartz facial rollers come equipped with a variety of different benefits. Whether you're a spiritual person or not, these rollers will help you feel better. The rose quartz roller will help to connect users with a deeper meaning to self-love and the overall attraction of love, connecting directly to the heart chakra.

Physically, a facial massage will enhance the overall appearance of one's face. Dating back to Chinese medicine, this product is a great way to reduce facial puffiness and minimize the look of pores. Working out the facial muscles will lead to a complete change in the way users view their skincare routine.

Another benefit that's been found throughout this product review is that it's great for acne-prone or sensitive skin. Taking note of that is essential to understanding why this product has been incorporated into so many skincare routines. The cooling feeling is hard to resist and the way it leaves one's face feeling afterward may possibly become your favorite addiction (one we can truly support!).

With that being said, it's not really surprising that we strongly recommend incorporating a rose quartz Roller into your skincare routine. It's all the hype through social media for a reason: it feels great! Inside and out. Push the limit with our facial muscles and connect with your heart chakra all before you brush your teeth. Now, that's a way to self-care!

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