Everyone is getting more comfortable with our skincare routines and is curious about their prospective next steps. Maybe you’re not even at the next step in your skincare routine, but you’re wondering what you can do to establish the reversal of some signs of aging. Have you been fighting a losing battle with acne or

The Nexxus story began in 1979 when scientist, cosmetologist, and inventor of the modern-day conditioner, Jheri Redding, discovered that hair becomes healthier and more robust when treated with protein. To this day, Nexxus believes in the power of protein science to add vitality to your mane. Their logic is, hair is made up of more than 90

Anti-aging is one of the largest markets in the beauty and skincare industry. It is said that in 2021, the value of the anti-aging market will be over 60 billion dollars. They project this number to continually sky-rocket. They also project the anti-aging market to increase to 119 billion by 2030. This market rise is