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Just south of San Francisco, California, there's a Calico laboratory dedicated to life sciences. It's home to a large number of mole rats.
young woman applying an oil mask to her hair in the bathroom

Getting older is an inevitable part of life. However, it doesn’t have to be a debilitating one. There are various techniques, foods, and products that you can use to combat the aging process and look and feel younger. Amla oil is one of many anti-aging tools, and it is widely growing in popularity for its

woman smiling and touching her face in front of a gray background

Beyond cute clothing and great makeup, glowing skin always attracts attention and turns heads. Strangers might even come up to you and admire your skin. Some people are born with supple skin, while others must work hard to achieve perfection. However, to attain beautiful skin in general, you must develop good skincare habits and include

person with purple gloves doing lip injections

Beauty trends come and go and differ from culture to culture, but lips seem to be considered sensuous by all. It makes sense, it’s the part of your body you use to kiss someone, after all. Did you know that both genders crave a perfect pout? Indeed, many people undergo procedures such as lip stretching

woman smiling with white teeth on a blue background

Having pearly white teeth not only makes you look and feel good, but having a white smile also improves your oral health. When you have a happy and healthy smile, you are more likely to be motivated to take care of it by following a dental care routine that includes regular brushing and flossing. Along

woman blowing her nose in front of a purple background

A dry nose, whether on the skin surrounding the nose or inside the nasal passages, may be pretty uncomfortable and difficult to manage, especially if you’re still suffering from cold symptoms that make you want to massage your nose even more. Dryness of the nose can occur independently or in conjunction with other nasal symptoms such as a runny

Hispanic woman smiling and pointing at the clear skin on her face

Retinyl palmitate is closely related to retinol, the primary form of vitamin A naturally present in meat, fish, and eggs. Manufacturers of over-the-counter topical skin care products often use retinyl palmitate in their formulations as its skin care properties are much the same as those of retinol. The substance is derived from a blend of

color correcting concealer palette on a table with other makeup

Dr.Jart+ may sound like a doctor but there isn’t one behind this line of products. The name is more of a philosophy behind an innovative skincare brand from Korea. According to their website Dr.Jart+ stands for “doctor joins art.” The “doctor” part refers to the fact that they use the best skincare ingredients along with

woman with cc cream swatches on her face in front of a white background

Is it time to finally ditch that boring, thick, cakey foundation? If it is, then you’ve come to the right place! Take a journey to find out if the Erborian CC Cream is really the best CC Cream out there. There are a few things to keep in mind when deciding on a new CC

supplements in a white bowl on a blue background

Continuous external damage from intrinsic and extrinsic factors causes the skin to age, increasing wrinkling, sagging, laxity, and uneven skin texture. Increased skin thickness, dryness, altered barrier function, and hyperpigmentation are signs of aging skin, especially photoaged skin. In addition, the process is marked by skin degradation, collagen damage, and inflicting harm on dermal fibroblasts. The major cause of