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The slang word “ouai,” which means “yes” in English, may mean “yes” to hair and skincare fans, and Ouai is the new brand causing all the buzz. “Looking fashionable, no matter how many followers you have,” the company’s tale goes. Jen Atkin, the creator of Ouai, has amassed a network for her professional and personal

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“Embracing who you are on the inside and out will help you achieve the best version of your skin– plus the confidence to achieve so much more.” These are the words of Tula Skincare founder, Dr. Roshini Raj, a practicing gastroenterologist who graduated from Harvard and New York University. She’s always been fascinated by the

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Anti-aging is one of the largest markets in the beauty and skincare industry. It is said that in 2021, the value of the anti-aging market will be over 60 billion dollars. They project this number to continually sky-rocket. They also project the anti-aging market to increase to 119 billion by 2030. This market rise is

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Aging is normal and so are the foot changes that come with it, and while the serious age-related conditions could lead to bone injuries and even require the intervention of a foot specialist, the milder ones mainly affect the skin in this area.  Indeed, one of the most obvious changes you’ll notice on your feet as

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People purchase non-prescription wrinkle moisturizers and lotions with the expectation that they can reduce wrinkles and avoid skin damage caused by the sun. Do these moisturizers work? It depends on the product’s active ingredients, quality, and how often you use them. Neutrogena’s wrinkle repair collection might be a good choice if you are looking for

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Can Cerave Vitamin C Serum Help You Fight Aging? When it comes to many beauty products, people want to know how effective these products are and how they might affect a person’s appearance. But with something like Cerave Vitamin C Serum, you’ll want to focus more on how it will make your skin look and feel. This

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Searching and rifling through all the best anti-aging and moisturizer reviews and the “14 Best Moisturizers” types of online articles can be a bit overwhelming. How about if we could help you with all the searching to bring you what it is that you’re looking for in the first place. If what you’re looking for

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The scientists of the beloved Korean-based brand Laneige have outdone themselves again with a moisturizer packed with nutritious ingredients. It may seem like an immediate buy, but it’s essential to research this product before you hit that confirm purchase button. Knowing and understanding the ingredients and how they’ll react to your skin is vital to

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All the people who have suffered from eczema have already tried ALL the things! Whether you’ve tried every type of steroidal cream, hydrocortisone cream, or even ice packs, you know 10 minutes on, 10 minutes off. That burn that sets your skin on fire while the itch is still unrelenting and the ice pack keeps

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The newest new skincare trend, yet one of the oldest dietary trends, vitamin C has it all, especially vitamin C powder, it seems. Used both as a food staple or as a dietary supplement, the super vitamin can play a huge role in reducing conditions like heart disease and can prevent strokes like a hemorrhagic